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More Book Titles at African Books Network 

MORE Global Titles, African Authors! More harvest of expressions abound at African Books Network! The art of the story is a never ending one as long as human mind’s been infused with the light of creative intelligence. It is in the creative domain of the author, the composer of craft, not only to dream dreams but, if he gets lucky, transcribe such dreams into a readable, realisable, and understandable framework for public appreciation.

The titles are wide ranging from books of poetry, short and long reads to literary criticism and scholarly essays. From historical through cultural epistemology, and with the varieties of ideas, vision and style, all adding with elegant graphic cover finishing, we can agree no less with Handelbooks director who acclaims that African Books titles have become important referrals in contemporary studied approaches to literature and culture. 

Here now are more of the recent books from the editorial stable of Handel African Books Network.

Meet the Authors


African Dirge Poetry: Comparative Studies

Author: GMT Emezue

COMPARATIVE Studies in African Dirge Poetry is an important contribution to research in African literature by Nigerian scholar GMT Emezue. We meet, in this seminal work, the métier of various categories of African mourners. These are the conjurers of images and weavers of emotions manipulating human feelings and sensitivity by such admirable craftsmanship as can only be known to those gifted bards of all ages. GMT Emezue’s interest in traditional African dirge songs and modern poetry is borne from her conviction that nowhere in the corpus of oral poetry have there been more works of heightened creativity than the dirge forms. In this study of these varied emotional and artistic responses of dirge singers and composers in many parts of Africa, the author posits a theory of African dirge poetry drawn from what she identifies as ‘recurring points in the genre’. A worthwhile fruit of an assiduously pursued research revealing a lot about African interactive and unified cultures, says veteran professor Ossie Enekwe of the University of Nigeria.

View/ Buy African Dirge Poetry, Comparative Studies in [Criticism]. GMT EMEZUE  [2000] 216p. ISBN: 978-36034-1-8 Price: £19.95 $29.95


Mma Collection of Poems

Author: Joy Etiowo

A NEW poetry collection entitled Mma and other Poems (2006) by Joy Etiowo. The Mma collection features a total of 27 poems and reflect the sensitivity of the new generation of African poetry in the clear, lucid manner of expression and the lyrical quality of its entire poetic breath.

View/ Buy Mma and other Poems   Joy ETIOWO  2006 43p. ISBN: 13 – 978-9-78-360340-0 Price: $11.19


Trilogy: Children of Koloko, Gamji College, The Visitor Fiction

Author: Chin Ce

CHILDREN of Koloko is Ce’s first novel told through the eyes and actions of young Yoyo and his friends, Buff and Dickie. The story spans the life and habits of Koloko, a semi urban Nigerian town, and her people. In this collection Chin Ce displays the craft of dialogue in his portraiture of characters who only reflect the modern sensitivities of Africa’s dying values. Gamji College is Chin Ce’s second published prose fiction dealing with the character of the new nation states of Africa under the various civilian and military regimes that govern them in the twenty-first century. The Visitor is a story set in the future of 2040 AD where Deego views a movie and triggers off a series of experiences which draw from a history of crime and consequence, villain and victim, in a Third World country.

View/ Buy Trilogy: Children of Koloko, Gamji College, The Visitor  [Fiction]. Chin CE  2009 516 p. ISBN 978-9-7836-0342-4 Price: £34.95  $44.00


Bards and Tyrants: Essays in African Writing

Author: Chin Ce

BARDS and Tyrants presents a whole bundle of African social and literary criticism in several years of writing. Chin Ce argues that no serious evaluation of contemporary African history should ignore the contributions of the creative literatures of her people.

His modest contribution to the discourse of literature and society begins in the trenchant style of the new poetics. Yet there is a sense of justification that the acerbic notes are attenuated by the tributes and happy reflections in the latter parts of this collection. The author wishes for many more critical bards in the society of African folklore than we have had as of date and hopes that a more intense study of African oral traditions could equip Africa to confront the challenges of modern nationhood.

View/ Buy Bards and Tyrants [Essays].  Chin CE  2009 244 p. ISBN 978-9-7835-0353-3 Price: £19.95 $29.95


New Voices: Recent Nigerian Poetry Collection 

Author: GMT Emezue (ed.)

THE timely appearance of this anthology of African poetry has expanded the African literary frontier, marking the resurgence of new and fairly known works in the beggarly charted firmament of African poetry.

On the distinction of this collection, the editor notes:  ‘We have followed an arrangement distinguished from past attempts at demarcations along themes and convenient publication periods.

The objective is ‘to present a wide list of readable materials that will appeal to audience from whatever academic levels and nationalities they may come.’

The anthology, which we hope to frequently update, features some wholly new and other popular Nigerian voices such as Enekwe, Ce, Onwudinjo, Adeoti, Chylekezi, Adegoke, Bassey and Ushie to mention but a few.

View/ Buy New Voices: A Collection of Recent Nigerian Poetry [Anthology].  [Ed.] GMT EMEZUE  [2000] 216p. ISBN: 978-36034-5-0 Price: £19.95 $29.95


Tsunami Blues and other poems

Author: Joe Ushie

TSUNAMI Blues and other Poems is an attempt by young Nigerian poets to capture the anguish of the Tsunami tragedy of December 2004 when a magnitude earthquake hit off the west coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, sending shockwaves (tsunamis) radiating out from the epicenter and spreading through parts of Asia and Africa.

Edited by Nigerian poet and literary scholar, Joe Ushie, the  entries are arranged in order of appearance of contributions to the volume. They range in themes and tenors of lachrymal, imprecatory or simply consolatory poems which offer hopes of overcoming the disaster while yet being reflective and deeply philosophical in others. In the words of the editor, the differences in the poets’ attitudes to the disaster “constitute that variety that is a necessary spice of verse”.

View/ Buy Tsunami Blues and other Poems [Anthology]  JOE USHIE Ed. [2007] 84p. ISBN: 9-7897-8360-346-2 Price: $11.21


Critical Approaches Vol. 1 The Works of Chin Ce

Author: Irene Marques (ed.) 

THIS volume comprises chapters of criticisms on the works of Chin Ce in particular the fictions, Children of Koloko and Gamji College. Each chapter takes perspectives that expound the craft and vision of Ces fictional preoccupation in the past years. The Visitor, Full Moon and Millennial have equally earned some attention here including the poems in An African Eclipse. There are several subjects of commentaries by a vibrant generation of literary critics in this important book.

View/ Buy Critical Approaches: the Works of Chin Ce [Essays]. Irene MARQUES Ed. 2008 208 p. ISBN 978-9-7835-0354-0 Price: £18.95 $24.95


Opuliche: a novel 

Author: PK Davids

OPULICHE is a work of biographical fiction by Igbo proverbs author and poet Pauline Kanene Davids.

Davids’ first novel on the life of a unique female heroine called Opuliche (Special One) is in the tradition of many feminist writings that have challenged and upstaged myths and long held notions of female silencing or lack of relevance in a traditional African environment. Tagged ‘a story of courage and triumph,’ PK’s novel is told in twenty two short chapters divided in two equal parts. They chronicle the birth, growth, training and education of the girl child who grew to be the first female undergraduate of her town. By her struggles and achievements through college, Opuliche proves the popular maxim that one’s fortune can be determined by oneself alone. The benign or otherwise malevolent circumstances all serve to help fulfil our chosen paths and destinies.

View/ Buy Opuliche -A Biographical Fiction]  PK DAVIDS. [2002] 137p.vISBN: 978-9-7835-0622-0 Price: £15.95 $21.95


Complete Volume: Poetry

Author: Chin Ce

AN African Eclipse, Full Moon, and Millennial, appear together in this collection of the Nigerian poet, to provide a complete view of Ce’s poetry where varied authorial voices seem to cast humourous yet disturbing notes around issues of environment, leadership and citizenship in Africa.

View/ Buy Complete Volume: Poetry. Chin CE  2009 516 p. ISBN:978-9-7805-2028-1 

Meet the Authors

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