‘Nigerian Kleptocracy 1966-2023’ debuts in a book

The foreword of the book collection makes mockery of the presidency of Muhammadu Buhari in its 2023 final throes with corruption and a viciously rigged presidential election being his parting legacy to the country.

The Dreamer and The Oracle

Chin Ce's The Oracle honours a shamanistic teacher and story teller whose spiritual double helps breaks a mind control spell by an evil intelligence that bestrides humanity through several ages of chaos.

Full Moon – romance poetry

Full Moon published 2001 has been called Chin Ce's most remarkable expressions in romance poetry. The Romantic universe of Full Moon poetry Africa Forum Editions - Book news

Igbo Mind Music and Memory

Igbo Mind Music and Memory is the second performance intelligence treatise by novelist, poet and critic, Chin Ce. Igbo Mind Music and Memory - Book Africa Forum Editions -...

The Children of Koloko adventures

Chin Ce's Children of Koloko ranks in the first class of satirical tales Children of Koloko - Adventure stories Africa Forum Editions - Book news THE...

Gamji College – African stories

The Gamji College modern stories have the author's gaze on the chaos and drift that permeate the life of young college undergraduates. Their exploits appear in three chronicles, 'The Cross,' 'The Bottle' and 'The Gun.'

Scholarly Books on African Writing

African Books Network showcases a harvest of literary and cultural expressions in the best traditions of world class publishing - Global Titles, African Authors! The titles are wide ranging. From books of poetry, short and long reads to literary criticism and...

The Visitor multidimensional novel

Chin Ce's third novel may have spearheaded a new era of multidimensional story lines in contemporary African writing The Visitor a multidimensional story from Chin Ce books Africa Forum...

Dissident Bards African Tyrants

Being the first part of Chin Ce triadic essays which continue to hold the Nigerian state and its leadership under the radar of censurous investigation. The Dissident Bards and African Tyrants compendium

Book Publishing for today’s authors

Handel African Books Network has been as a punch line publishing and connecting Africa for several decades Discover the Handelbook quality Striding three cities from the South East region yet, for an online network, such locations seem just a trifle. As...
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Pick up your phones and force the military to take action

In a sign that some sort of military move against the United States is possible, military delegations from China,...
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Mine bitcoins with your smartphone

All roads are leading to financial win-win now. If you've got a smartphone you can join the earning team of bitcoin web mining of the...

The Fourth Reich: Dark secrets of evil races

THE FOURTH REICH, 13 FAMILIES, DRACO, ALDEBARANS There are two undisputed facts about the Nazis and extraterrestrials. First, the 13 bloodline families, which are genetically...

BRICS celebrate 6 new members, it’s a new world.

Shared from Sputnik world news BRICS now have six more members, making up the super BRICS+ Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Argentina, Egypt and the United Arab...

‘Africans wonder why we use dollars to trade with each other’

by RT world news BRICS is gaining popularity because it offers alternatives to the Western-dominated system, Nkosi Zwelivelile Mandela has said. The financial infrastructure being promoted...