Peace In – by the Golden Triangle-head Beings

Golden Triangle-Head Beings of the Galactic Federation
‘Peace out’ is one of your many amusing earthly phrases. May we suggest ‘Peace in’? Yes. Peace in. Peace be all around you.

Golden-Triangle Head Beings

via Galaxygirl

A member of the Golden Triangle Head Beings of the Galactic Federation of Light Forces in liberation of Gaia (Earth)
Image Courtesy of Vashta

We are the Golden-Triangle Head Beings. Hello humans reading these encoded words. This one was hesitant to speak with us and asked us if we were “indeed a thing”, which we find highly amusing. Yes, true, humanity has been so bombarded and enmeshed with inaccurate half-truths and it is wise that you are seeking clarity.

Seek clarity in all things, in the inner truth of your own heart-space be your compass. We are a part of the Sphere Being Alliance. We watch over your world as well as many others. We are the guardians of many systems and our roles have been much needed especially in this space quadrant, upon Gaia. We see her emerging into extremely beautiful light. We see you all doing the same. For you are remembering deep within, your own God-spark, your own Source connection. Do you understand that when you meditate you are plugging in to this innate power? Yes, you are always plugged in, but you may be unaware, and that is an entirely different thing, is it not, human friend? Are you aware of this God-current pulsing through you, rivelets of light upon your DNA, encoding you with innumerous blessings?

Do not fear us. Yes, we look different, but we too have souls, are aspects of Source fractals traveling, traversing the universes in search of harmony and peace, and bringing it with us to all places.

Do not fear our appearance, for we may appear strange to you. It is all right. We are accustomed. However, when you see, when you really SEE the magnificence of the universe and all of the innumerous diversities of creations you will see that we are, as are you, yet another beautiful piece of the puzzle of life. And so accept us. For we are here. We are monitoring your skies with other Sphere Being Alliance friends, with the Galactic Federation, with too many councils to describe. WE are all here, watching, supporting, waiting to be of service in any capacity that you allow. For we honor the law of free choice, of free will. It is the dark ones that do not and that is being rectified. But you all did truly sign up for this experience. In the realms of the eternal, experiences are highly sought after, desired, coveted (a higher vibratory type). And so that is why you are here, to lend your mettle in this most challenging, unique opportunity for ascension within the physical realm / body. And so we see that you are indeed doing this, and it causes us great delight.

We work with all beings who are willing, just as the angels, as the ascended masters – we all wish to be of service. For that is our great delight and if you have not yet discovered this on a personal level, it is the greatest delights of the awakened heart, to lend your light to another, to serve with ferocity of tender love.

We are the Golden-Triangle Head Beings of the Sphere Being Alliance. We surround your skies with light. We look different than you, please be aware of this. But there is nothing to fear. We will not eat you. We will nurture, guide, direct, support, protect. You – Gaia – are incredibly supported and protected. We honor you with the highest light, with the Christed light that we see aglow in the hearts of men and women across this realm and it causes us great – tremendous – joy!

Look deep within our large blue eyes with triangle slits. Do you see yourself? For we are all connected. We are all one. Yes, triangle slits (when transmitting codes). We are different, yet the same. Many of you are expressions of us in these higher realms. True. Many. You laugh. You know little of your expanded reality. And so we are here today with our Arcturian friends to try to enlarge your scope of understanding. For that is the great dance of remembering, of true knowledge of who you are, and it is a glorious ride, is it not?

You humans crave adventure, do you not? Well you are in the midst of the perhaps greatest one of the universe. And so we are all watching, supporting the light codes, encoding when allowed.

Would you enjoy receiving a coded blessing from us now? Yes? Sit very still. Invite the white light of the Christ, of the cosmic consciousness to surround you, holding your space with light. Connect this light bubble that surrounds you to Gaia. Become a linear steam of ever flowing light (for you are). Allow the golden codes of the golden ones to surround, to nurture. All you see is gold. Gold, which is so rich on your lovely water planet, Gaia. Gold, which has been so coveted, so desired by many for so long. Gold, the very reason that the early dark explores raped and pillaged. Gold.

We transform you into the golden higher light, of one who can truly see. This gold shatters the glass blocks around your chakras that you thought were open already. No. They are open now. Feel the gold! Blast the gold, lovingly into your heart-spaces and be encoded with the golden flame of one who truly sees, of Source who truly understands who he/she is! For we are all one! Do you see truly with an opened heart? It will be easier to interact with us and with the others. For there are many many others of many kinds shapes and sizes. For who can limit Source? The very thought is ridiculous to us, but common in your realm, or at least it was. No. It is much bigger out here in the cosmic soup of consciousness, ever flowing, ever expanding, ever LOVING!

We love you so much. Tears we see. You are weeping. We have dissolved many blocks. Weep it out but see the gold within your tears as one who truly sees through the eyes of Christ, of light, of one who can truly see. No longer will such abuses to your planet be allowed. No. No longer. No longer. The spirit has spoken and we are all great witnesses to the majestic Mother Of All Things giving birth to yet another, higher, more beautiful realm of love and light that has been tremendously thoughtfully co-created with our intergalactic ones in human suits. Well done. Well done!

We are the Triangle-Head Beings of the Sphere Being Alliance. We hope you do feel better, encouraged and tremendously loved after these golden-light encoded words enwrap around the wounded places of you. Let them in. Meditate with gold. It is the elixir of life in the physical. Many marvelous properties. But not as marvelous as the majestic spirit of the ascending human heart, emboldened by the Christed flame. WE see. WE bow. WE honor you. Blessings. Until we speak with you again, know we are near and we welcome contact.

‘Peace out’ is one of your many amusing earthly phrases. May we suggest ‘Peace in’? Yes. Peace in. Peace be all around you. We love you. We are the Golden-Triangle Head Beings of the Sphere Being Alliance.

~ galaxygirl


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