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Pleiadian Transmission 2019

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Pleiadian Transmission 6052019

The Event Briefing: Phasing out the 3d matrix

by Michael Love, Sananda web

Greetings Great Beings of Light,

The Earth Alliance reports that Operation Freedom Earth will continue through July 4th, 2019 as Pleiadian Light Forces use advanced 5d andara energy technology to finalize the clearing of old 3d matrix energy as well as remaining 4d astral debris!

40 hert, 5d gamma light waves will fire back up again in the next 72 hours as the old matrix continues giving way to the New Earth!

Think of this Earth time as an incredible transition where the old realm is phased out and the new one is phased in!

Expect powerful mainstream news coming out before July 4th, regarding the old matrix shutdown that is in progress!

Operation Delta Ground Forces will be physically removing the few remaining old low-vibe, false, cabal-controllers over the next 4 earth weeks!

Dimensions are clashing, dear one, as the new 5d light matrix overlay is gently retro-fitted into place over this planet!

Pleiadian Delta security fleets are monitoring everything that moves at this hour, so know that all is well!

We ask you to allow the great changes that are coming to take place and accept them as part of a beautiful Universal Plan!

Be aware that all of this is being done in a quiet way and unconscious humans are non-the-wiser about any of it at this stage!

Remember we said this transition is for light beings stationed on earth first and the humans will come along behind us when they are ready!

It’s also important that we remind you about who and what you truly are! you are an advanced celestial being of light that came to this realm from a very high place in this universe! where you come from, you are celestial royalty and this is where you are returning to!

Your new 5d kingdom on Earth is being prepared at this moment and soon you will walk fully into it in great glory!

Do not be dismayed about saying goodbye to old energies that no longer serve you!

It is truly time to move forward now great one so do your best to trust the universe and face your final trauma-fears one last time!

You will see that these false fears are only an illusion and not real at all as you face them head on!

There is such a wonderful life ahead of you great one, but you must start aligning with this new way of being and moving forwards towards your dreams now!

Do not fear beautiful one because it’s impossible for anything to go wrong for you now!

At the 5d level, where you are, know that only good things can manifest and unfold as you open up to all the goodness and abundance that is flowing toward you and through you!

It’s time to choose love and to never choose fear again great one!

Do this is the secret to all good things!

A new thing cannot come dear ones until the old energy is moved out of the way!

4.5 billion amazing light beings stationed on planet earth are quickly transmuting the lower energies of the 3d matrix into a glorious new realm of light as we speak!

If you are reading this transmission know that you have been doing your part in this historical ascension of humanity!

Transmuting lower energies is a monumental task that only the strongest beings in the universe can do, so we salute you great one! this grand task is one of your main duties on earth as an extraterrestrial being of Love and Light!

Your other primary mission here is to take cosmic light-data into your physical container, decode it and broadcast it back out into every dark corner of this space until pure Light prevails!

If you are still experiencing moderate ascension symptoms great one, it’s very normal and due to the massive amount of light that is coming into earth in this incredible time!

Pleiadian medical officers are scanning all starseed human body-vessels around the planet, making sure your bio-cellular systems remain stable through this great transition to 5d!

Your physical body is moving up into a lighter faster vibrating dimension where it would not normally fit, so slow carbon-to-crystal modifications are being applied at the atomic level of your DNA!

These advanced energy workers are assisting in operation stardust as you integrate this powerful magnetic light into your cellular structure and are carefully watching the whole process!

Be patient, trusting and allowing as it all happens!

The entire starseed collective has now shifted to an entirely new frequency level so it takes a moment to adjust to it!

Steady as we go great ones!

Stay grounded and take good care of you first as we move forward in co-creating the new earth!

Major updates forthcoming this week!
Stand by for a super fireworks show!
Your independence is near Great One!


Michael and the Pleiadians

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