Prepare for the unexpected, says the One Who Serves

Channelled message from One Who Serves

Things are going to change. Things are shifting. There are going to be changes that are going to happen in your world around you. Also within you, certainly, but also outside of yourself.

Prepare for the unexpected, says the One Who Serves, June 2018

by James McConnell (channelled message)

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Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

We are going to share with you that everything is in motion everything is exactly as it needs to be.

We know we say this over and over and over but as the James said earlier, you do need to get this through your noggins. It is important.

It is important for you to know who you are. It is important for you to remember who you are.

And everything that is happening is happening for a reason.

So just sit back, relax, put those seatbelts on though. We are serious about that. Don’t leave those seatbelts off, otherwise you’re going to begin to hear those beeping and beeping and beeping sounds when you don’t put your seatbelts on.

You know what we talk about right? You know in your cars and all of this when you don’t put those seatbelts on that noise keeps coming on and on. Well that is the shouts, people! That is the shouts for you. You do not need to hear the whispers you are going to hear the shouts. And we are telling you fasten those seatbelts because things are going to get a bit rocky.

Things are going to change. Things are shifting. There are going to be changes that are going to happen in your world around you. Also within you, certainly, but also outside of yourself.

You are going to begin to see more and more of the truths coming forward. They are already being revealed. And there is a moment coming — and we’re saying this to you now — there is a moment coming where these truths are going to be revealed en masse.

You’re going to hear and see and know much of this and it will begin to happen in your more alternative sites that you visit but it will then flood into the mass media, your regular media sites that everyone used to tend to go to as we find it.

Not as many are frequenting this as much but it is still an important aspect or an important vehicle for spreading the information, spreading the truth.

And this is going to open up greatly in the near future here.

We can promise you that. And it will happen close to what will be your next Advance. We are preparing this next Advance.

We are preparing for much to occur and if you thought the last one was amazing, you ain’t seen nothing yet people. We are gearing up and preparing for something special to occur there.

Some of you have already gotten an understanding or an inclination of this and it will be astounding for those that are there in person. It will also be very important for those that are on the phone as well.

But we cannot say too much more on this. They are saying hold off don’t give the whole thing all at once here as we tend to do … or as I tend to do sometimes but they are saying no, hold back a little bit. Give them little bits and then when the time comes more will be shared.

Just as we did in the last Advance on that last day when much was given in that short period of time that was unexpected. So we are going to say for this next one prepare for the unexpected.

Questions and Answers

Q: [Emailed question] I am having increased problem with my health. How can I stop and prevent worsening symptoms? Do I change my diet? Do I move to another location or is the cause emotional?

OWS: What we can tell you here about this is — and this goes for many here. Not only for this one that asked the question but for many — you are experiencing those shifts, those changes that have been spoken of many times, those various symptoms which you call ascension symptoms. And it is something that is going to continue for some but it will curtail. It will become less and less and less. But we must add that there is the need to always be in the higher vibrations. We say this over and over. This is part of what we say when we say we pound you on the noggins to get you to understand this. Raise your vibrations! Whatever way you can do that.

Bring yourselves into the higher vibrations and you will never experience these health issues again. This is a promise to you. If you can do this if you can hold yourself in those higher vibrations then those things of lower nature, lower vibrations cannot affect you. And those lower vibrations are your health issues. Those things, those patterns that you bring in from past lives. And we are telling you now that part of this that you are experiencing now is a releasing, a releasing of an old pattern that you brought in from lifetimes past. And you brought it in and now it is manifesting in your life. But you must take a look at this yourself. We cannot give it to you. You must go deep within yourself and find this pattern and then release it. And know that it is only a pattern, only part of the old programming, the old 3-D paradigm programming. And once you move into the higher vibrations then you are no longer in that 3-D paradigm. You see?

This is what you must come to understand. Move out of the 3-D paradigm by moving up higher in vibrations.

Read the book as you heard earlier, The Celestine Prophecy. It will give you a clue — many clues rather — of how to do this, exactly how to do this. How to find yourself in the higher vibrations. How to literally disappear to those that are in the three-dimensional experience. This will be necessary for those of you that are you that are seeking those records. It will be necessary for you to move into the higher vibrations and literally disappear to the old 3-D dimension for a short period of time. This is what you will need to work toward. And those of you that are not going down there, it is important for you to do it certainly for your own ascension process, for your own transition that you are moving through.

You can have the health problems if you want but why have them? Why have them we say. Get over it! Get over yourselves in the way that was given earlier. Go above yourself. See your selves as we see you. We do not see you with health issues. We do not see you with medical problems and all of these things. Just as when Yeshua did what he did. He looked at the individual and he did not see a blind individual. He did not see a paraplegic. He did not see someone who could not walk. He did not see someone with leprosy, etc. etc. He saw the perfect whole. This is what you must do. You must see yourselves as we see your selves. Get over yourselves and know that you are perfect exactly as you are. Okay?

Q: I want to ask about the idea that has been given to us about change and fastening your seatbelts and being prepared for those changes to come. Is the feminine energy that’s working on coming into the planet which is represented by heart energy and unconditional love, will that soothe the transition?

The goddess energy

OWS: First of all it’s a wonderful question and it is not coming it is already here. The feminine energy is already strongly ensconced within the culture now more and more and more so. The heart being, the tendency toward the feelings and emotions and understanding another’s feelings and emotions, this heart-based expression is already here.
And certainly it is that is what it is all about. Bringing the balance between the masculine and the feminine so that it is no longer a paternal society (is that how you say that here?) [Patriarch] Patriarchal society, thank you.

And it is going to be a more balanced society. It will not be masculine, it will not be feminine, it will be balanced. It will be One. You see? The two coming together as One. This is how this works.

And this is very important for these the feminine, the goddess energy to be back here. And it has come back. And it is very strongly here now. This is why the cabal, the dark forces are losing the battle here because they cannot fight against this. You see this is why they did everything they could to remove the feminine energy. Why they did what they did with the Mary Magdalene to make her to be not what she was at all. And this was purposeful to take away the feminine energy because they knew that this balance was needed for ascension. But they succeeded for some time but they are no longer able to do so. They are losing the battle rapidly here. We can even say the battle is almost over. The war never really started. [Knowing laughter.]

Q: I have been told that my origins are from Alpha Centauri. My question to One Who Serves is what I was doing on that planet. What was my purpose there?

OWS: Oh my goodness! We could write a book on this for you but we will not because it is not important for you to know directly where you are from or what your purpose was while you were there or anything of this nature. It is important to know who you are today and what you are various purposes and missions and such are at this time now. But to know where you come from you come from many different places. Alpha Centauri is only one. You come from many different systems. You are part of what has been called the System Busters before where you have come from other systems and moved into a new system and busted a wide open as the Pleiadians tend to say here.

And you have done this in many different times. Many of you, most of you that are experiencing these calls and are regular on these calls also have experienced this in this way. You are those System Busters. You are the ones, the way showers that come into a planet or a system and you bring the light, you anchor the light. There have been many places where you have done this before where there was darkness, where you did bring the light in and illuminate the planet from the darkness here.

So you are doing it again here. You say, many of you say over and over “Why did I do this? Why did I volunteer for this?” But if you really knew that you volunteered for this over and over and over, you just don’t get it do you? You must be some type of masochist or something. You just want to keep going and going and doing it over and over.

But we joke here certainly because you are doing this because you are of service. This is what you do. This is who you are. That is why we say to you know who you are. Man/Woman know thy self! This is what is so important here. Because when you know your selves you truly know who you are and those memories are going to come flooding back to you and you are going to fully remember so much of where you have come from. And the question that you just had will be answered for you. But it will come in a moment. It will come flooding into you in a moment of higher vibration when you yourselves have moved up into the higher dimensional frequencies. And then those memories will come to you and you will then go, “Ah-ha! Now I understand! Now I get it!” Okay?

The Archons

Q: Recently I’ve been seeing information about the Archons on different radio talk shows and it turns out that I learned the Archons are the negative energy that actually suck up people’s energy during the sleep stage. I’d like to know what this One Who Serves have to comment about it because if that’s the case I don’t like it. [Emotionally] I just don’t like it. Can you comment on that.

OWS: Yes we can tell you that these Archons as you are saying are an energy form and they have come from other systems just as you have, and they have moved into this system and moved into individuals, not quite in a sense of possession but somewhat you can call it this for certain ones. And they have moved in and taken their physical bodies and overcome them to an extent, in a sense remove their hearts – not physically but remove it from being in consideration in their lives. And this is what they have done and continue to do. But they are diminishing greatly. You find them mostly in the fourth dimension and in those levels, and they are they sit and they wait until they see an opening and then they come in. Now there are different forms of these Archons. There are ones that are of the high level which would be considered more of the royalty in that understanding. And they move into those ones of royal blood here in the physical body and also into those what you call the cabal, the elite, and those types. And they have done this and it is very difficult though for those that they move into to then get them out. But they do not get them out because they do not want to. They feel the power.

These Archons bring them power, they bring them wealth and all of this. This is why it has been very difficult for those Forces of Light, the Resistance Force, and the Galactics, and all of this to remove these ones from their present situation and their present ability to interfere because interfere they have done many times. Over the thousands of years now they have been interfering in this way. But through this ascension process they are not going to be able to because they cannot be in the higher vibrations. You see?

There it is again. The higher vibrations. If you find yourself, move yourself into the higher vibrations, stay there more then these forces cannot affect you one way or another. This goes for those attempts to change your environment and all of these things with the chemtrails, with the fluoride in your water, with the electromagnetic interference.

All of these things that many people are saying that it is creating havoc with individuals. And to some it is, yes, but to those of you the light workers, those of you that are raising your vibrations on a daily basis and staying there longer and longer, these things cannot affect you as they once would have if you were remaining in the three-dimensional illusion. Only in the three-dimensional illusion can three dimensional activities and things effect you. You see? Is this understood here?

Q: Is that to say also that the cabal actually use those energies? Is that a true statement?

OWS: We can say more so that the energies use the cabal, in that respect.

Joanna/Shoshana: When we offer our emotions and our energy to anything it gives it power. So try … or do come to a state of neutrality about this, even to a state of love about this. As those that wish harm to others cannot harm them without our emotional backing.

OWS: Yes, wonderful. Very wonderfully said.

The Elder Race

Q: I can’t ask a specific question because I know nothing about the subject but I’m wondering if you could just tell us about the Elder Race

OWS: Wonderful. We can tell you much about that but the best way for you to experience this and understand this would be to look into it your selves. You can use your Google possibly to find some information. But there is much information on this in your the book called Secret of the Andes by our dear Brother Philip [who] wrote that or channeled that you might say through another and it is very much about what you are asking. But what we can tell you directly now is the Elder race was the ones came long before the human race here. They were in many respects giants as you would know. They came from other system. They came to the Earth hundreds of thousands, even millions of years ago and they settled here. And they were though, not as you understand them in a physical body today. They were more translucent you would say in a higher vibration.

They are the ones that are responsible for building many of the secret and huge tunnels that are deep within the earth here that crisscross across the entire planet everywhere. And these tunnels will eventually here be opened up to the surface population. But it is not time, certainly, for that because you could not go within those tunnels now even if you were able to discover them because they carry a vibration that is still as of yet too high for you in your physical form as it is now. But as your physical form because much more crystalline in nature then it will hold the light. And when it holds the light it will be able to then hold the higher vibration as well and then you would be able to go into these tunnels

These ones they are called the EL race. The EL, if you look at this is in your wording, in your vocabulary. The Els, the ones that ascended, the ones that moved up in vibration into higher dimensions. They El-evated themselves. El: your elevator, your elation. All these words that you have in your English understanding with the “el” sound in the beginning of the word. It all means moving up higher in vibration. If you look at all of those words you will find what we are telling you. EL, the “El’ in the word. And it is those ones that went through what has been spoken of recently here — we are giving this more to the group now as we move along — the idea of the 90° phase shift is what they went through. Where one moment they were there in the dimensional frequency they found themselves and in the next moment most of them were able to then ascend in a 90° phase shift from one level immediately to another. There will be a reading that will be given that will explain this more as we move along here. But for now understand that they are a master race that has moved on en masse from the Earth evolution here long before humankind came on. Okay?

Q: You said they were giants but they were not in a solid physical body. Would they be what we consider the Red-haired giants?

OWS: No. They are not the same.

Using the Merkaba

Q: I wanted to find out about the Merkaba. I have been using the Merkaba now and again before and then on the call I thought well I should use the Merkaba every day and just put it around me. And then I thought to myself a few days into that, well, why am I doing that if my purpose is to bring the light into my body and get my body into a higher and higher realm. Why would I want to put something around me that would block that out a little bit or stifle the effects of that. So then I got into the question as to how to use the Merkaba, when to use it. Maybe I don’t want to just put it on me every morning and have it on all day. So what’s the best way to use that Merkaba?

OWS: Wonderful question. When you use the Merkaba though, you are not keeping the light out. In a sense you are actually inviting the light in more. You are bringing the light in. It’s easier here when you use this. But you are keeping out the negative vibrations. Those things around you whether it be family, friends, acquaintances, people that you meet where you walk into a room and you feel those negative energies and they bombard you and they bring you down into a lower dimensional frequency, into lower vibrations. This can block that. It can literally repel those negative vibrations, those thoughts, those negative feelings and emotions away from you. Unless you want to let them in. It’s up to you. You can let them in or you can hold them off. That is up to you. You see?

Q: Yes. That makes more sense now. When he said something about having a lessening of the energy coming at you if you needed a break from that. So I guess I miss understood that. That sounds great. Thank you.

Q: I’ve been using the Merkaba technique for quite some time now, a couple of years every time I meditate. But I kind of do it in a different way where I visualize it. I draw it in front of me — a tetrahedron in front of me — and then I place it around me. I’ve been doing that for some time and I believe it works. Your opinion on that? I literally draw it with my fingers but I see it in my mind’s eye, my third eye and I close that protection around me. I feel it work so I do it every time I meditate to protect myself. Is that a good technique then?

OWS: What we are going to say here is we are going to take a saying from the James here. He is fond of saying ‘whatever works’. So if it works for you then wonderful. However it is. Fingerpainting, paint it, draw it up in the sky, whatever you want to do you can do it. But it is simply a visualization technique which brings it back to you. You are not creating it.

Please understand this: it is not a creation process it is a remembering process. It is bringing it back to you. You all have it. You all came in with it. Those that are mere babies when they come in, they are surrounded by their Merkaba. You did not know this. We are saying this possibly for the first time here. They have their Merkaba but over the years it tends to diminish more and more and it will diminish completely based on the parents who work with that child if they tell you it is your imagination. What would it be like to a two or a three-year-old suddenly said, Mama, I am in my Merkaba! What would most parents say? Well first of all, what is the Merkaba? Oh it is a light ship or it is a vehicle of travel. Well, that is a wonderful imagination little one but there is no such thing. You see how this gets diminished? And then it is gone.

But now we are bringing it back. We are bringing it back to your remembrances. And this is important because it is coming back to you. You are not creating it, you are just reassembling it you might say in your mind’s eye, in your mind’s knowing. Okay?

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