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Being the first part of Chin Ce triadic essays which continue to hold the Nigerian state and its leadership under the radar of censurous investigation.

The Dissident Bards and African Tyrants compendium

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Dissident Bards African Tyrants is a compendium of essays on contemporary fiction, poetry and drama, the first of a triad of the cultural appraisal of African heritage by Nigerian author Chin Ce.

The second edition is somewhat compressed, enough to conflate the arguments for wider audience participation with the works of Chin Ce, which continue to hold the Nigerian state and its leadership under the radar of dissident exposure and censurous investigation.

The author argues that no serious evaluation of Africa’s history or of sustainable progress in the region should ignore the contributions of the creative literatures of her people to the general debate.

Dissident Bards book by Chin Ce

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This rich volume of Dissident Bards, coming from years of creative writing and literary and social criticism, proves just a starter bundle of Ce’s unique reflections on experience, history and literature of the black continent. Igbo Mind Music and Memory forms the second part of the triadic series with Nigerian Kleptocracy 1966-2023 the third.

African novelists, poets and dramatists who have had honoured mention in this collection include Camara Laye, LS Senghor, Dennis Brutus, Dennis Osadebey, Chinua Achebe, Okot p’ Bitek, Christopher Okigbo, Flora Nwapa, Ayi Kwei Armah, Wole Soyinka, Chinweizu, to mention but a few.

Nigeria Ghana and African continental leadership
The novel drama and poetry in Africa
Younger poets younger writers and new voices
Democracies oligarchies and failed state tragedies
Tyranny and Frontline cultural resistance
Origins purpose and destiny of Earth humans.

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