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Tuesday, December 1, 2020


Kenya is fighting graft to woo French investments

Corruption is still a major setback in Kenya's push to become the investment destination of choice in Africa but Uhuru Kenyatta's government says it is taking measures to defeat the vice. Uhuru:...

Kenya: Another African Dictator goes to meet his maker

Like Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Uganda: African dictators, tribalists and nepotists who seized advantages against the greater good tend to live out their old age in luxury and isolation. But die they must, and so it is for Kenya's notorious butcher,...

Kenya: Spate of Islamist terror attacks

Somali Islamist militant group al-Shabaab claims responsibility Tuesday, 15-01-2019. At least 15 people died in a terrorist attack in a Nairobi hotel, Kenya. The al-Shabaab Islamist group claimed its fighters were responsible for the explosions and gunfire at the DusitD2 hotel...
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Message to Lightworkers – November 25, 2020

Ascension Times And yet—you would perhaps be fascinated by the number of those...
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Enter Burkina Faso among West Africa’s sit tight ‘democracies’

The growing list of West African dictatorships in the guise of democracy includes Nigeria, Cameroon, Togo, Guinea, Cote d'Ivoire and Mali.

Seychelles: Why Africa is slow on good governance

IN THE past 20 years only 8 African countries could eschew official corruption and impunity in their so called constitutional democracies through...

Ghana, West Africa, without Jerry “Jesus” Rawlings

After over two decades of checking Ghana's unruly political space, the Jerry Rawlings revolution in West Africa remained a political reference...

Awaken now: Awaken to the mission

Forces of the Light, of the divine plan, are at work. And as we have said, everything is being orchestrated here...