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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Nigeria politics tribalism

Once Upon Nigeria’s illiterate Police chief

Mediocrity, mendacity seem the rule in Mr. Buhari’s government as Nigerian writer, Chin Ce, notes Once Upon an illiterate Nigeria  Police Chief ABUJA:  Nigerian government under retired general Muhammadu Buhari has further joined the hall of national infamy by the exposure...
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Tesla Scalar? This Energy Pendant will recharge your cells with the most powerful healing force on Earth

Similar to Med Beds, another Extraterrestrial age-reversing and cellular healing gift to humanity through Nikola Tesla,...
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Calling out Ethiopia government sponsored massacres in Tigray

Like the Nigeria military killings, a murderous regime in Ethiopia led by prime minister Abiy Ahmed has shocked humanity with brutal massacres,...

Peruvian Court Rules Gates, Soros and Rockefellers “Created” Coronavirus

The three judge panel of the Chicha & Pisco Criminal Appeals Chamber in Peru found that “Bill Gates, George Soros, and...

Beyond the sabre rattling in the Sahara

As guarrantee for regional peace in the Sub Saharan states, Sudan has called on Ethiopia to return to dialogue, and to complete...

Government shakeups and arrests are happening in numerous countries

To all who are disappointed that no major action was taken three weeks ago to rid the United States government of...