Why 3rd Density Societies may find comfort with Higher Evolved Persons

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Being a brief introduction to living a life of conscious awareness, dedicated to higher truths, and understanding the fallouts in the process of authentic living

Why 3rd Density Societies may find comfort with Higher Evolved Persons

by Chin Ce AfricaForum

MOST societies are yet to find total comfort in the presence of higher evolved persons although it should be the other way that scripture writers had often presented. Consider Socrates, treacherously betrayed by a hedonist Greek society and given the hemlock to die because he spoke truths to them in a dialectic that exposed the foolish ungodliness of their many practices and assumptions.

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Those stories about Buddha having many followers, or Jesus being thronged by loving multitudes everywhere he went, are just what they are –pious stories with probably little facts to them– intended to catch the attention span of readers for membership and larger followership objectives.

Actually, if the society these beings resided had thrived within a 3rd density placement, then the most likely fact of their existence was that they had few following, and the mass of authority and controlling institutions were so overawed by their presence as to disdain of them to a point of ridiculing or threatening their existence.

That would explain why these teachers of higher truths experienced a period of exile and, like monks, led ascetic lives, being quite unknown to the public, except by few of their followers who had compassionate resonance with their higher vibrational teachings and being-ness.

No matter how small the population, it is sure bet that even a circle of five where one is of higher vibrational consciousness would have the rest four, if of third dimensional or lower frequency,  gravitate away, rather than toward, that circle. The reason is the law of vibrational particles to seek their own innate and similar frequencies.

And so a relative who has this knowledge of like kinds being drawn to their own, or of water seeking its level, will cease to worry if none of the siblings ever cares to tarry. He or she simply knows that his or her level of consciousness might not be the same as theirs, in spite of genetic factors involved with their makeups.

Similar things could apply to friends who once flowed commonly at high school or college years but now find themselves seemingly adrift in opposing directions. In spiritual light their vibrational frequencies have altered and there’s no further ground for interaction even where they live in same cities or just a shouting distance apart.

And so for the truly awakened, relationships go beyond religion, ideology, family, tribe, country or race into deeper soul level vibrational harmonics which bind all entities of the One Infinite Creator.

It is well known truth that the higher you raise your frequency by devotional studies and practices in the great work of service unto others, the more your companionship harmonises with those who aspire toward your thoughts and consensual purpose. Conversely the lower you find your thoughts mired in service to self, the same you vibrate with people who are also material self oriented. This cosmic principle is known in certain orders as the call.

The art and science of divine wisdom has been in practice since Atlantean times. Richard Cassaro, writing about the great ‘flood’ that sank Atlantis, mentions how (Socrates via) Plato taught that Atlanteans may have possessed a highly spiritual ‘wisdom-religion’, which enabled them to ‘see’ their own divine and eternal ‘soul’ inside the physical body. Thus, working with the inner light, the ‘soul within’, allowed the Atlanteans to harness higher dimensional powers.

The myth of Greek and Roman gods were actually memories of Atlantean humans endowed with higher perceptions because they had connections with their eternal soul. In time, however, Atlanteans grew weak due to their materializing tendencies, weak enough that they began to lose touch with the inner divinity that endowed them with wisdom. They became trapped by the materialism of competing intelligence and abuse of technology.1

To keep their sacred space within the higher frequencies, it so leaves little to wonder that sages chose to live reclusive or what is termed a ‘lonely existence’ – going by purely physical measurements. But could they be deemed lonely in the fullest expansion of truth concepts?

A concentration of higher energetic beings may be thriving in breakaway formations where such groups of common suasion form a social memory complex and create an entirely distinctive cohesion, removing permanently from the society that holds no further relevance or prospects for their mutual expansion/ growth. In other words, such groups would seem to disappear from contact while they grow a new civilisation in a planet or some other placement outside the former spheres of influence.2

An alternative outcome is the ASCENSION, or UPLIFTMENT, of the higher entity complex during the physical lifespan where the soul rejoins its original home community from which it had migrated into a 3rd density civilisation for the chosen work of service to others.

It is deemed in the higher spheres of origination, from where advanced Creator beings visit the lower densities, that an incarnate cycle of a higher consciousness, even for as little as 80 Earth years, can have far reaching upliftment for the host society, because the positive polarity of the higher dimensional home world is anchored on that part of the planet for that length of time, and retains that energy even after physical exit of the being. And such is why great souls are born from time to time to anchor the higher energies for planetary upliftment.3

We hope that the foregoing serves as a brief introduction to living a life of conscious awareness, dedicated to sorting out higher truths from illusions, and understanding the fallouts in the process of authentic living, much like our soul kins before us.

Afterall the most important question on life is finding your true purpose embedded in reconnecting with your original divine plan in Creation. Ascension Mystery writer and one of the leading vanguards for Full Disclosure of the truths of our planetary history, David Wilcock, warns on the necessity of taking A Vital Step toward True Purpose in the life of every human on earth today. He says, and this is most fitting for concluding exhortation:

“these times require our own individual souls to make choices as to what our next destination will be. Where we go and what we experience are completely up to our own choice.”4


1. Richard Cassaro’s web page can be found on the link http://www.richardcassaro.com/tag/1898-yale-university-study/

2. For further reading on the reality of breakaway group complexes click here for Corey Goode’s remarkable expose on the Secret Space Program of contemporary American civilisation:

3. You need to peruse the Law of One sessional transcripts as a good beginning to understanding the dynamics and purpose of incarnate physical existence by a soul entity, here: https://www.lawofone.info/results.php?s=1

4. David’s entire post can be found here: http://www.discerningthemystery.com/2016/06/the-road-to-ascension-from-ancient-myth.html


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