Xenophobia – a poem by Obinna Chilekezi

gruesome image of South African xenophobic attack

Can I call this an infection?
Or that you are a copy-cat
Since the ugly drums of xenophobia
The river Gambia flows not to my smile

Two of us had met
And danced to the lonely lovers’ dance, sweetly without the sounds
You and I, all alone to our fantasy, borrowed and sweet

Then came the plague from Soweto, and its sibling cities
And you forgot our last dance of love
By the shores of your smiling coast

You have ignored our promised paradise, the mutual dream,
Sharing the pleasures of the lips together, in this borrowed moment
Lost in thought, lost in wonders, as love birds do

What you do now is strange
It leads us to suffer further humiliation.

Ikeji Arakeji

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