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The Dreamer and The Oracle stories

Chin Ce's The Oracle is about a shamanistic teacher and story teller whose spiritual double helps to break the spell by an evil intelligence bestriding humanity through ages of chaos. The Dreamer...

An African Eclipse

Ce's first book of poems painted a poetic landscape of African history and politics filled with treachery and betrayals by the ruling elite. An African Eclipse - poetry collection

Full Moon – romance poetry

Full Moon published 2001 has been called Chin Ce's most remarkable expressions in romance poetry. The Romantic universe of Full Moon poetry Africa Forum Editions - Book news

Igbo Mind Music and Memory

Igbo Mind Music and Memory is the second performance intelligence treatise by novelist, poet and critic, Chin Ce. Igbo Mind Music and Memory - Book Africa Forum Editions -...

The Children of Koloko adventures

Chin Ce's Children of Koloko ranks in the first class of satirical tales Children of Koloko - Adventure stories Africa Forum Editions - Book news THE...

Gamji College – African stories

The Gamji College modern stories have the author's gaze on the chaos and drift that permeate the life of young college undergraduates. Their exploits appear in three chronicles, 'The Cross,' 'The Bottle' and 'The Gun.'

The Visitor multidimensional novel

Chin Ce's third novel may have spearheaded a new era of multidimensional story lines in contemporary African writing The Visitor a multidimensional story from Chin Ce books Africa Forum...

Dissident Bards African Tyrants

Being the first part of Chin Ce triadic essays which continue to hold the Nigerian state and its leadership under the radar of censurous investigation. The Dissident Bards and African Tyrants compendium

The Millennial verses

A poetic travelogue through the West African lands of Nigeria, Togo and Ghana with records of encounter with the beautiful people, landscape and flora. The Millennial collection of poems by Chin Ce
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Strategy for defeat of evil elites

Our mission is to prevent world tyranny by criminal elites. How can we do this? Simple: by exposing their...
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‘The Butcher of Gaza’

Israel's Netanyahu and cohorts are bound to blood sacrifice of women and children on the altar of Semitic gods and their racial hatreds of...

Timelines are diverging

All these events are designed to attempt to hold you to the third-dimensional expression, to the illusion, to the old timeline, the old biblical...

Despite US $44.2 billion they still lost Ukraine war

US has sent almost all of their war stocks, weapons systems and ammunition to Ukraine, now Washington does not have a great deal left. War...

State of Palestine a must

Cessation of hostilities and the adoption of measures to resolve humanitarian problems are urgent tasks in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict * Creation of Palestinian state historically inevitable...