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On Consciousness and The Event Timeline

Everything is light. Everything is conscious. There is nothing that is outside of the field that contains you. Said another way, nothing exists outside of God. Your own logic must lead you to this conclusion.

What’s Behind Your Illusion of Realism?

Anything is possible right now. And so when you affirm difficulties as realistic, you are really kidding yourself. What you call realistic is not realistic. It is pessimistic.

What is Putin up to? – a reader has asked Matthew

Putin is one of the principals cooperating behind closed doors to end their international web of heinous activities, hold them legally accountable, and achieve a world at peace.

Truths and lies of the gospel according to the church

From Matthew the apostle (channeled message) ~ Many people believe everything in the Bible is true because they have been taught that it is the “word of God” written by God-inspired individuals. That is not so. The innumerable erroneous parts of the...

We are with you, say the Angels

Now as the planets align with great power, you must acknowledge again, “I cannot do this alone. I am here present with my Angels. We have made every move thus far together. And so we will continue.”

Be in the Eye of the Storm, as One Who Serves

So while the storm is beginning to rage around you more and more now, find that calm, that peace within you. Find that, be in that eye of the storm. One Who Serves says Be in the Eye of the...

Conversation with the Arcturians

by Suzanne Lie, PhD  Align to the Reality of Power Within PART II: What Are You ‘Tied Into’? This is a continuation of our conversation with the Arcturians. See Part I. Shawnna: Well, it is interesting how all of the information that you’ve shared follows...

What you probably never knew about animal life

by Matthew Ward in Nirvana More about animals: Lower animal life forms evolve into higher animal life forms. By and large there is a pathway that animal energy follows in its spiritual and intelligence progression, and even minute insect energy travels...

Group Consciousness and the Unity Source Code

via Lisa Renee, March 2018 Our planet is evolving into a coalescence of collective race fields which create Group Consciousness and this is not a choice, it is a fact during the Ascension Cycle. This means we will need to become aware...

​Nigeria: The Vote against State Police

Democracy which thrives on the will of the greater collective resulting in a government of the people by the people and for the people is virtually non existent in every state of the Nigerian federation State Police will be abused...

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Can a United States administration ever probe CIA murders in Africa?

That foreign government intelligence agencies have routinely meddled in Africa by murdering citizens and enforcing regime changes to sustain their corrupt...

Quantum Energy Pendant: Recharge your body with the most powerful healing force on Earth

Similar to Med Beds, another Extraterrestrial age-reversing and cellular healing gift to humanity, through Nikola Tesla, father of free energy, is...

Darkness will no longer triumph on this planet

There is a Divine Plan unfolding and it doesn’t include the reign of darkness on this planet.The return of Love and...

Secret in the Room

I will say the things I’ve said before: If dark, horrible things seem to be crawling out of the cracks of...