Nigeria will maintain fantastically corrupt systems in 2020 and beyond

Buhari and his minister, Magashi
Nigeria’s glorified clan leader, retired Major General Buhari, in his new year address, endorses again his fascimile of statesmanship but independent media will not forget the corruption and narrow mindedness of his political regime to date.

by Chin Ce

A Premium Times, August 30 2019, exposes the retired general’s genetic condolence for the evil of corruption and money laundering pepertrated by the members of his clan:

Nigerians demand sack of Buhari’s minister busted for $550,000 theft

“Demands intensified this week for the sack of Bashir Magashi as President Muhammadu Buhari’s defence minister, fuelled by a PREMIUM TIMES report that uncovered his sordid past as one of those who stole Nigeria’s wealth under dictator Sani Abacha.

“The article, published exclusively on Wednesday, detailed how Mr Magashi, a retired major-general, stole a huge amount of public funds during Mr Abacha’s junta and banked it abroad, a method typical of both Mr Abacha and others who stole under him.

“At least $550,000 of the stolen fund by Mr Magashi was later detected by former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s investigation of the now infamous ‘Abacha Loot.’ About $3 billion of the Abacha Loot had been recovered out of at least $5 billion estimated by Transparency International

“Of the $550,000 (N200 million today) that was traced to Mr Magashi, he was immediately asked to return $400,000 and keep the rest to himself — an arrangement he accepted after pleading with the administration not to file fraud charges or take any action that would humiliate him before Nigerians.

“The retired military chief headed several strategic departments throughout his career, including as commander of the elite Brigade of Guards and the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA)…”

The rest of Premium Times report can be read here

And here’s our take

General Buhari, undoubtedly a fascist puppet like many African tyrants living or dead, has remained dumb, deaf to calls for his country to return to true federalism. The centralist rigidity of the military constitution of Nigeria fits perfectly with the ethnicist dominion complex of his ilk from the northern deserts. Having routinely turned the blind eye to humongous corruption involving his lieutenants and tribesmen, an excerpt of his new year message hacked out by his paid scribes doggedly casts him in the garb of a social reformer:

Contrast Buhari’s 2020 New Year Message (excerpt)

“Our policies are working and the results will continue to show themselves more clearly by the day,” gloats the general. “Nigeria is the most tremendous, can-do market, offering extraordinary opportunities and returns. Investors can look forward with confidence not only to an increasing momentum of change but also to specific incentives, including our new visa-on-arrival policy.

“They can also be certain of our unshakeable commitment to tackle corruption. As we create an environment that allows initiative, enterprise and hard work to thrive, it is more important than ever to call out those who find the rule of law an inconvenience, or independent regulation an irritation. We are doing our part here in Nigeria. We will continue to press our partners abroad to help with the supply side of corruption and have received some encouragement. We expect more funds stolen in the past to be returned to us and they will be ploughed back into development with all due transparency…”

And what’s our take?

Almost all Buhari’s claims are farcical and so is the western European support ostensibly from Merkel’s Germany that seems to hold the prop for this fiendish dissembling.

The penchant for lying to the public by world leaders is so much the norm that they tend to pat one another on the back with hardly a word of public censure for the sake of human dignity. Sadly, aside from early elected President Donald Trump and, lately, Senators of the United States who mildly rebuked his brutal repression and hounding of his political opponents by the instrumentality of his DSS, infested majorly by his tribesmen, hardly any world leader in the true sense of United Nations international responsibility has confronted general Buhari of Nigeria with his social and political duplicity.

The country is being led by a religiously mind controlled muslim who acts hamstrung along with his muslim led security outfits as thousands of Christians are kidnapped and murdered by his rampaging herdsmen and Islamic state militia. Yet the world is not enraged watching him make pitiably deficient broadcasts for national unity after the fact of genocides he had sworn by his holy Koran to avert. Leah Sharibu, a contemporary of Greta Thurnberg of Sweden, is literally forgotten by Buhari and his army as she and other victims are still in the hands of Boko Haram for over three years running and hardly mentioned in the new year broadcast.

The evident cognitive dissonance of political hirelings like general Buhari and his cult worshipping quislings in Nigeria is no different from the trends in South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe. Africa abounds richly in mendacious, utterly deceitful, tribal lords replaying an obsolette, demonic Jekyll and Hyde syndrome for their Western masters who had coopted them into the Cabal enclave that holds down development and true freedom from the planet.

But the future of Buharists, cabalists, leadership clones and drivels of sycophants of Africa round the bend remains hopeless.

The Schumann Resonance is spiking relentlessly in clear sign that the planet is changing, vibrating higher and higher, just like the millions of awakened peoples. [√]

With increasingly high vibrations from the Galactic Central Sun [√], and crews of irrepressible nationals holding self elected psychopathic leaders to account, 2020 will see more unravelling of African dictatorships pretending to democracy along with the monstrous Deep State machinery behind these gangs of criminals piggishly, futilely, set against the rest of world humanity.


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