Religion, Satanism and the Cult of Blood

Satanism and the blood cult

Organised, meditated bloodshed, torture and sacrifice, human or animal, are drawn from Satanic rituals of the most primitive and diabolical forms in human evolution

Religion, Satanism and the Cult of Blood

by Chin Ce

Sad that till the dawn of twenty first century civilisation, leaders and followers of religions remain blind to the bloody consequences of beliefs that God had sent sons and prophets to show them the Way only via their darkly inspired Scripture!

The consequences of religious cult following in our society have come upon modern society as massive, unmitigated, darkness of generational ignorance and ancestral curses. On the public space it has wrought rebellion, gory violence, warring and massacres numbering in hundreds and thousands – till the final destruction of civilisations.

Surely the devil is in the details.
God cannot have authorised the endemic killings, the human aberrations of racialism, discrimination, tribalism, nepotism and fanaticism tainting these leaders everywhere in countries where religions and their followers thrive.

Yet Christian faithful and Muslim fanatics have hardly stopped to consider that their celebrations of crucifixion, beheading, and other forms of deathly torture; including blood covenants of any sort, human or animal, are rooted in Satanic rituals of the most primitive and diabolical forms through ages of bloodshed and chaos.

The Judaic base of Christianity and Islam, carved into the mental habits of political and religious following, that your faith honours your mettle to be partial toward your brethren and, in other cases, kill and shed the blood of your enemies just to prove your loyalty, is a doctrine of darkness. There can be no rational denial of this by political stalwarts, religious imams and priests.

Aside from Zionism’s satanic misrepresentation of God as masculine in Judaism, with the consequent relegation of the Divine Feminine to pariah status, the notion of a people or group as chosen, special, peculiar, or pure breed is the ultimate Luciferian bigotry employed to taint the hearts and minds of their young.

Yet so-called Holy Books spread these falsehoods only to demand dim-witted obedience and lack of introspection, mistaken for faith, among their followers. And their leaders have never guided them to ponder why a loving God would hold a cult of chosen races, or even send his son to incarnate among humans to be tortured and killed that He may be pacified; or why the doctrine that greets you with Asalam Aleikun (Peace) must prevail upon Jihadist warfare and brutality through conquest.

While in Christendom the question is often asked how this primitive notion of victimhood and crusading for supremacy became the ultimate service for and on behalf of God, it barely took four hundred years for Mohammed’s followers to copy the Roman Catholic Church in spreading salvation by warring. Animal sacrifice and blood letting –adding torture and crucifixion to the gory scenario– all seemed endorsed by their gods for the celebration and spread of evil disguised as religious Way of life across the planet.1

However, far deeper investigations into the parenting of religions by Judaism outside of orthodoxy have revealed hardly acknowledged accounts of dark alien manipulations, competing from mutual distrusts and outright hatreds. DNA tampering, war mongering, masculinist revilement of female and other species of humanity, have all been integral with the teachings brought to mentally assaulted lands (Judea) through a barbaric empire (Rome) where wickedness, slavery and all forms of evil held over the minds and hearts of people led and guided by spiritually emaciated and blood thirsty priestly groups in their turn.

These historical truths have existed in spite of doctrinal testaments and scriptural revisions.

There is less doubt than before now that the violence in the Middle East is the legacy of blindsiding beliefs founded upon massive redaction and mind control projects vieing for supremacy of archons and demiurges…

Or that the Bible story of Jesus’ virgin birth and death on the cross was a huge generational and holographic fraud…

Or even that so tagged ‘proofs’ about exploits of religious ‘saints’ are pious designs to capture unthinking minds and enslave them in soul retrogression and permanent confusions. Such frauds can now be traced to secret blood cults which sacrificed virgins and gifted men and women to shut down the Christed Light in humanity.

Thus did Satanism infiltrate governments and religion, crookedly inaugurating the violence and blood letting that blighted the planet, including the race for advanced competing-edge nuclear and stellar technology for planetary destruction, which we see today in the bellicosity involving Israel, Iran, North Korea and America to mention but the current four of the planet’s fanatical empires.

Of course, all these go to the glory of their dark masters revealed as Satanists, the potentiated manipulators and ultimate destroyers of cosmic worlds.

But they are bound to fail.


Satanist Teachings and Deathly Blood Cults

Central in Satanism and Religion (or ‘Way of life’ in dubiety) is the Cult of Death. This is the philosophy and culture of meditated denial, suicide, martyrdom, aggressions, torture and any other forms of bloodshed where victims die enmasse or are left to suffer alone. The Jesuits, the rampaging Crusaders of 11th century Catholic Church, the Muslim Saracenes and Sharia Jihadists are conveyors of the worst death cults from exhibitionist Zionist heritage. Their adherents are promised great reward in the afterlife of their peculiar imagination.

When we stop to consider the inhuman extent that these diabolical secret cults go to elicit trauma and suffering, along with the physical and psychic lacerations of victims, including children and women, it goes without saying that no God or Goddess of Light will stoop to demand or allow such diabilocal processes on any human or animal of Its universal creation.

This  gigantic subterfuge corrupting the universe has become so evident to awakening souls at the complex threshold of discernment between right and wrong, truth and falsehood. These souls have had to look in another direction, not God’s, for the source of the decree that urges creation to be soiled by sordid rituals of blood letting and the killing of animals and humans for atonement, or for covenant between humans and their maker.

The finger points to Satanism from Luciferian lineage in antiquity.

Satanism is the foster parent of Organised Religion, including the religions of Judaic traditions and their more primitive antecedents in Egyptian and Babylonian magic. Today the Vatican as World Headquarters of Satanists and Illuminati Puppet Masters controlling countries like Britain, France, America and the European Union is well known across the alternate media.


The  (Satanist) Fall in Myths and Legends

It has been told in myths and legends how rampaging legions of the Dark force invaded Gaia (the goddess we know as Earth) who along with her inhabitants gradually fell from the higher densities of its original peaceful Edenic formation into the aggression and blood lust of lower frequency nihilism.

This imminent chapter in the evolution of the species affected the hitherto angelic and peaceful composition of not only humans but other three- two- and one-dimensional animal, floral and unicellular life forms, turning them into predators within an endless, vicious cycle of violence.

Legions of Luciferians from other Star systems penetrated the galactic borders and infected the ancient civilisations with their base energies of slime, violence, cannibal lust, competition in technological mass death supremacy and overall spiritual retardation. The Earth humans along with their leaders became infested with the greed, bloodshed and diabolism of these negative energies that permeated the etheric realms.

Consequently money, sex and drugs and the Death wish were celebrated far and wide, with humans worshipped as gods, in a new way of life. Inner strength, gentleness, love and peace of the feminine energy, previously the way of balance and growth, were reviled as infirmity or weakness.

These days, masculinity with its treacherous Dominion complex touted over and again by Christian Evangelist, Muslim Fundamentalist and Buddhist traditionalist orders is the ultimate power to cajole the feeble mind in complacency with the lords of darkness. Meanwhile humankind swings further down in mediaeval mindset, ceding their will and losing their intuition to barbaric kings, queens and priests.

It was imperative, among the dark lords that the rape and despoliation of Gaia be stratified with priests pandering to power, greed, lust and service to self.

It is still an essential agenda of Fallen Angels and Church Fathers to frustrate and corrupt efforts to positive remediation of this Anomaly by true teachers and guides of the Light realms –  Siddharta Gautama (Buddha) or Yeshua bin Yusuf (Jesus) to mention two of the great Light Beings who incarnated to offer help.

That agenda to thwart the higher dimensional teachings became the objective of religions as they exist today, compounding social, political, cultural and scientific outreach into its blind integration of half truths as unimpeachable facts sealed in blood.


Truth, or What must needs be done

Hence our truthful admonition is: stop feeding the dark forces in your ignorance. Your lack of knowledge (spiritual agnosia) feeds Satanists of every guise, making you an errant tool for the spread of darkness across the planet.

This is why you first seek to know and liberate yourself from the remote clutches of dark reptilian influences that permeate the world you live in.

Simply put, the world’s humans must retrace their paths from the beaten terrain of service to self, and consciously refrain from remaining slavishly faithful puppets of Satanism and its vile reaches around the world.

Toward becoming the God, Sovereign and Free (GSF) being, every step taken in practising the noble virtues of kindness, harmlessness (service to others) and divine oneness enables a cumulative rise in soul evolution across the planet.

The retrenchment of pious fabrications and political manipulations of the psyche, the discontinuance of mindless promotions of doctrines, be they national, political or religious, will mark the recalibration of the Oversoul Collective guidance of humanity, and the triumphal increase of light over darkness.

Needless to state, this step is imperative for Light beings in order to continue functioning as full humans on a planet that has set to ascend away from the barbarism of Religion, Satanism and Blood cults into the Love and Peace that permeate the Higher Realms of Creator’s infinite Universe.


1.For starters, one might read up Edward Morgan’s enlightened thesis on evil origin of Zionism and Wahhabism to follow the trail on where this Satanic doctrine of evil in the name of Allah and Yahweh became engrained between the twin Islamic and Zionist movements.



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