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Literature, Leadership, Citizenship Issues of modern Nigeria

The Nigerian problem is the unwillingness or inability of its leaders to rise to the responsibility, to the challenge of personal example, which are the hallmarks of true leadership. (Achebe) Literature, leadership, citizenship issues of modern Nigeria by Chin Ce, 2005 Writer...

Mendicants of Tribe: Revisiting the Argument for True Federalism in Nigeria

In the manipulated political graphology of this African kleptocracy only a stooge, never capable of independent or thoughtful universality of vision, would seem to be goaded on to preside over the Nigerian state. Mendicants for Tribe: Revisiting the Argument for True...

African Leadership Failure (2): A Hater by the Name of Hero

For years to come African readers may not regale enough the tragi-comic historical accidents of Buhari, Abacha, Obasanjo, Babangida, Abdusalami, et hoc, throughout the history of Nigerian devolution in nationhood. A Hater by another name: Unmasking one of Nigeria's false Heroes by...

Mainasara’s Ethnic Propaganda – a review by Ubaji Abubakar Eazy

The First (Igbo) Coup d'etat in Nigeria--A. M. Mainasara's The Five Majors - Why They Struck is Mere Ethnic Propaganda --Ubaji Isiaka Abubakar Eazy Ad I read Adewale Ademoyega's Why We Struck a long time before now and found it an interesting...

Russell Crowe on the American Lawsuit against key Nigerian Officials

Like Nigeria, Sudan had also fancied itself indissoluble just because its Constitution said so. That same political dynamic will be at work against Nigeria if the litigation is not resolved amicably before Nigeria’s dirty linen is exposed at trial in an open United States courtroom for the entire world to see.

‘President Should Take a Bow’

Now what we see is the same arrogant tenacity for sectional dominion. Now we battle with cabal greed for state capture which had goaded every momentum toward public repression of human will

Nigeria: State Failure and the Biafran Problem (2)

Nigeria's failure is symptomatic of a continental syndrome that saw every tribal conclave of Africa immersed in barbarism and violent struggles for domination over some perceived others. How Fascism in Nigeria has bred Biafra Separatism (Part 2) by Chin Ce AfricaForum _ AS 'One-Nigeria'...
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Message to Lightworkers – November 25, 2020

Ascension Times And yet—you would perhaps be fascinated by the number of those...
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Enter Burkina Faso among West Africa’s sit tight ‘democracies’

The growing list of West African dictatorships in the guise of democracy includes Nigeria, Cameroon, Togo, Guinea, Cote d'Ivoire and Mali.

Seychelles: Why Africa is slow on good governance

IN THE past 20 years only 8 African countries could eschew official corruption and impunity in their so called constitutional democracies through...

Ghana, West Africa, without Jerry “Jesus” Rawlings

After over two decades of checking Ghana's unruly political space, the Jerry Rawlings revolution in West Africa remained a political reference...

Awaken now: Awaken to the mission

Forces of the Light, of the divine plan, are at work. And as we have said, everything is being orchestrated here...