Aug 3, 2017

The Bandit Clan – by Titi Brenda

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 The Bandit Clan

Hell,  we knew they were just a

bandit clan

On board another presidential


Their weapons of our mass diminution

Have slaughtered our very

common wealth

Upon their vault of vain ambitions

To the last of the golden gander

And we, so commending them,

even in our frenzied loathe

Throw supplications unto their


While they tell us in many words

and wrongful deeds

How we are one step yet to – –

feeding from the bin!

And even further steps to – –

begging by the streets! 

I recall the raging bellows of


All for ‘Another Presidential


And wonder how they won even

the  least of hearts

To this pale light of demon-cratic


And now in their first class table 


A cheering crowd no more to be

seen again

The conned and bewildered lie

in tattered ruins

Like refuse bins cast on streets of stone.

Now their promises sweep down

our creeks

And their crocodile smiles litter

our shores

Even the children have joined in

our silent wondering:

How do we wave to a killing train

Wobbling and rambling with foul


And as millions of beggars

count each day

To the hundredth days of a

‘Presidential Change!’

So let our curses rain upon their


And every trumpeter sound their


In the looming mist of tomorrow’s


Because we know they are just a

bandit clan

From the other side of the

midnight band.

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