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Chin Ce’s The Oracle is about a shamanistic teacher and story teller whose spiritual double helps to break the spell by an evil intelligence bestriding humanity through ages of chaos.

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THE ancient oracle comes alive in this story within a story dedicated to Achebe, father of African literature.
All through this intriguing plot evil takes on human form as Babul, a priest king with many visages, to reveal its methodology of operation on Earth humans.

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The primordial antagonist is cast in the myth of Barw, a two- faced Baphomet character who personifies politics and religion afflicting modern society. The tale as told by Onku to the younger Sunu and Komas quickly assumes an initiatory rite where multiple identities of the character personages emerge and play their roles in physical and metaphysical dimensions of existence…

But who is the oracle is a valid query that remains to be proved the end of the story which assumes the beginning of another…
The second also dialogic part, The Dreamer, flows in mournful remembrance of love and dreams lost in the hazy uncertainty of human wants and conscious programmings. Its symmetry with the Oracle is unmasking the deceits with which human beings hold one another in thrall. Two highly imaginative works of profound indigenous authenticity, The Dreamer and the Oracle might also prove to be the most experimental of Ce’s stylistic projection of our new galactic humanity.

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