The Visitor multidimensional novel

The Visitor novel by Chin Ce

Chin Ce’s third novel may have spearheaded a new era of multidimensional story lines in contemporary African writing

The Visitor a multidimensional story from Chin Ce books

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THE third of the trilogic series, Chin Ce makes a deeply philosophical and enlightening read in this multidimensional adventure.

Chin Ce Triadic novels

The Visitor, last of the triadic Chin Ce book fictions

The Visitor spans three- level frequencies of experience intertwined in a past, present and future involving Mensa, Erie and Deego same- soul entities. In just the same curious twist of multiple lives, so is his companion Sena also Zeta and also Sarah in the various time loops.

In the fictional African city state, the hero Mensa although dead has to go back in time to retrieve his memory shattered by the gun shot to the head that ended his life on Earth.

Spinning with flash backs and flash forwards, the adventure, seemingly complex, so well captures the forgotten nuances and imaginations of indigenous philosophy being that human life is a continuum of ancestral interactivity.

Kindred fellowship in holding your kinsman, meaning Earth- human citizen, to the heart is as much an Igbo philosophy as the way- to- go of the new galactic humanity in the author’s world view.

These should resonate as much for all peoples of the planet as the inexorable growth that attends human choices, pushing the frontiers of awareness beyond the ken of mundane physical awareness.

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