Who controls your mind?


Who Controls Your Mind Controls Your Destiny

by Ernest Enobong

What do the dark forces want, your life or your mind?

That’s no brainer if you have any knowledge of spiritual goings-on.

The battle is for your mind!

The more ignorant you are, the sweeter you make their day.

Your mind is the junction, gateway, or the eye, between the physical and the spiritual. You are what you think or create (in your mind), while your heart is the seat of soul, the guts, the guide for action.

Knowing and understanding how to juggle these three elements is the ultimate goal of any spiritual seeker living on planet earth.

And many perish for lack of this knowledge.

Therefore, the battle isn’t for blood and flesh (your physical life); it’s a mind game. You are a victim because you are super ignorant of the spiritual laws that govern our existence. And it is by choice, even when many such laws are in plain view.

Most spiritual information is occulted (occult means hidden) for the singular reason of controlling the masses. It goes way, way back to the days before Moses was born in Egypt.

And it’s never ending any day soon. It’s apparent Moses had knowledge of the laws. After all, he was a foster child in Pharaoh’s house, if we are to take that certain information literally.

So, ignorance reigns to this day. And so the schools, religions, the mass media, politics and other resources are deployed for the one purpose of manipulating the masses and gaining control of their greatest and prized possession: the mind, where the heaven in us dwells.

And I am not aware the masses have disappointed the expectations of the oppressors yet.

Haven’t we dubbed those who dare to break out of this spell heretics or mad men or atheists?

God doesn’t endorse slavery. Its a cultural and satanic practice. I am aware some have written the name of God into their beliefs in respect of slavery. My question has always been: wouldn’t you choose William Wilberforce over such a god?

Africans seem the worst, yet again, when it comes to spiritual ignorance and slavery. And don’t they defend their ignorance with more emotion than knowledge and spiritual enlightenment?

Show me a holy book that some people didn’t sit in a council to decide what goes in and what stays out? If they persecuted and even killed the original carriers of these freedom message, wouldn’t you be naive to imagine they will allow the original message to float around uncensored after the death of the prophets? Haba, baba! Think!

Are you truly free today after all the hullabaloo?

Why are the majority still living in fear of the unknown, fear of old age, fear of failure, fear of poor health, fear of loneliness, fear of other people’s religion, fear of people who are of different stock/race, fear of poverty, fear of witchcraft, fear of death, etc, even when we sleep with our holy books under our pillows?

Why is there so much chaos in our world? Why haven’t we got the hang of things? Where is our so-called dominion?

The answer is because we lack knowledge of spiritual laws of the domain,and where there are no laws, chaos will reign.

We have no dominion of the world because we lack the wherewithal to rule the cosmos and swing in rhythm with the design of Creator.

But our oppressors are always a step ahead of us.

The reason is that we have been blinded from the truth which stares us in the face. The reason is that this state of affairs is constantly being reinforced using the things we care about most: such as education, religion, money, entertainment, etc. to fool and distract us.

While we focus on heaven and the afterlife, we ignore the heaven inside of us here and now. And worse of all, we give away our mind to be messed up by people with sinister schemes.

Finally, understand that your ignorance is good business for some who have the knowledge and therefore the power to rule your mind.

Understand that there is a deliberate programme to maintain the status quo.

You can only break free with knowledge and application of the knowledge: wisdom.

Know that your only enemy is he who seeks to CONTROL YOUR MIND.

You are the monarch of your mind. Not even your spiritual teacher has the right to that.

It’s all in your mind. It’s the power you have. Guard it jealously.


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