Zion, Democracy or Disproportionate Influences?

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JS Chiappalone argues that true beings can all join hands in exposing the world wide conspiracy of evil rooted in the archons and propagated by the Zionists who benefit from the sufferings of humanity.

The Kingdom of Zion: Exposing the Worldwide Conspiracy of Evil

by J.S Chiappalone


Have you ever wondered why everything happens the way it does?

  • Who could possibly benefit from all of the suffering and exploitation in this world?

  • Does evil really exist and affect our lives?

This book is especially written for those who are aware of the existence of evil in this world, and who are entirely repelled by it.

As I have explained extensively in my other books, ontologically there are basically two kinds of people in this world:

  • Good (True, Theomorphic Beings)

  • Evil (Counterfeit beings – robots and demons)

Mentally there are also basically two groups:

  • those who accept evil, for they are evil or severely programmed by evil, and find little or nothing wrong with themselves, their families and friends, their institutions, their communities, their nation, and their world

  • those who react automatically against evil, against abuse, exploitation, and injustice wherever they see them for they are not evil

A common illusion of the unaware, the “successful”, and those who do not seem to be suffering much, is that everything is okay, things are getting better, and the world order is essentially “good”.

But, the truth is, nothing is okay, things are getting worse, and the world order is temporally and spiritually evil. As hard as it might be for the average person to conceive, this world is ruled by evil.

This book is to explore the nature of evil at the highest level, its origin, its unseen agenda, its support, its progeny, and its elect in this world. As the Gnostics have known and taught since time immemorial, there is duality in this dimension, this part of creation – Good and evil – and the two opposing forces have been at war ever since the demonic consciousness took hold in some parts of this sector of creation.

What is Zion?

  • Evil does exist, and it has an identifiable source (which has been termed the Celestial Error).

Though originating beyond the physical, the spiritual essence of Evil has been in control of this physical universe which it created, and the beings who dwell here, for eons. The beings here are those theomorphic ones trapped by evil when it overran the dimension and those counterfeit ones it has created specifically for the dimension.

In this book, it is hoped to uncover evil’s countenance and expression, even as it tries to hide behind a facade of “success” and “rightness” in all worldly affairs. Evil is successful in this environment not because of merit, worth, or benevolence, but because of its of cunningness, deception, and exploitation. The greatest conspiracy in life, in this world, and in this universe, is spiritual in nature.

It has a metaphysical cause, consequences, sponsor, agenda, hierarchy, order, and rulership.

Remember, evil is a spiritual force which originated on a level of existence beyond this physical plane – evil did not originate in man, but it is a compelling force driving its own progeny and anything it can contaminate, including True Beings.

Evil has a form, a name, a consciousness, and a being (or multiple beings).

The source of all evil is a usurping demigod also known as Yaldabaoth, Yahweh, or Jehovah in his latest disguise.

This demigod, with the power to create this physical universe and the vital apparatus of “men”, took control of this segment of creation in direct revolt against the true God, a long, long, time ago. And, since that time, it has worked to implement its one and only aim: the exploitation and subsequent destruction of all beings of Light, and the attempted overthrow of the true God. Evil Destructiveness is its nature.

By the phrase “The Kingdom of Zion” I am referring to all evil-controlled life in this world, this universe, and other realms.

By “Zion” I mean the larger spiritual force or essence of evil, which also expresses in the souls of counterfeit men and those who have accepted evil.

Evil, wherever it has manifested in this sector of creation, has a common source, a common agenda, and an unrelenting and forceful pattern of exploitation and extinction of the Light of God.

Zion is a spiritual force, a being, a consciousness which is in direct opposition to the true God. The War of Essences is all about the Liberation of the trapped True Consciousnesses and the eradication of all evil.

The hallmark of evil is to deceive, to hide, to pretend to be other than what it is, to execute its agenda of spiritual assassination of the True Beings and its occult war with the true God. In this world, and beyond, evil pretends to be good; the evil, usurping demigod pretends to be the true God. Without this pretence, the trapped True Beings would awaken to the evil scheme faster, revolt and hasten to assist in the eradication of evil.

This is why the biblical “god” is incensed at anyone who knows there is another God, a true God, and demands that no one acknowledge any other God beyond him.

In establishing the Kingdom of Zion in this world, the demigod Yahweh has taken over every revelation of truth by divine Messengers, such as Rama, Krishna, Zoroaster, Buddha, Moses, Jesus, Manichaeus, Mohammed, Lao Tse, and so on, and perverted the truth into a lie.

  • Instead of the divine presence of God, we have books, pretending to be sacred texts, sponsored by Yahweh, the usurping demigod who has temporarily limited the appearance of Light in this world.

  • Instead of peace, freedom, goodness, joy, and love, we have a world of war, addiction, conflict, hate, lust, and relentless exploitation in all ways possible: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

  • Instead of a loving, nurturing divine order, we have a world order of evil, corruption, exploitation, oppression, and suffering as was explained in “One World”.

  • Instead of direct spiritual communication with a nurturing True Source, Beings of Light have been cut off and fed lies, distortions, and fairy tales that purport to be “the Words of God”.

  • Instead of a realm of Light, this is a world in darkness, approaching a total eclipse of the Light.

  • Instead of spiritual freedom and progress, we have technological enslavement and devolution.

We are living in the evil Kingdom of Zion, not the divine Kingdom of God.

From this point on, we will generally refer to the god of Zion by the name Yahweh and use the masculine, although it is to be understood no gender applies to such beings as Yahweh and “God”.

Yahweh has been called “He who creates”, but this does not reveal the fact that Yahweh produced a grossly imperfect creation of evil, which has displaced and overrun part of the divine creation. We are living in a world in which there is still some mingling between the two creations, divine and evil. This world is the lowest world in which any Light remains, and is slightly above the completely demonic realms of total Darkness (sometimes referred to as “hell”).

Yahweh is the creator and leader of hell who has claimed dominion over this world in the ages-old war between Good and evil. He holds the rulership of the kingdom of Zion, and he has his elect in this world, his favored sons of Darkness whom I have previously called archons. They find their way into all positions of authority, control, power, and exploitation. They are the heads and prime movers of governments, religions, businesses, financial institutions, education, the media, and science.

Of all these, the primary controllers of this world are the masters of international finance.

They control money (a creation of Yahweh) which makes the world go round. And, whether they are consciously aware of it or not, their lives are for the sole purpose of maintaining the status quo of oppression of the good and reward of the evil, suppressing the truth and elevating the lie, lowering the standards of morality and goodness and turning this world into a living hell.

The evil ones, whom we shall refer to as “Zionists”, have been playing with a stacked, marked deck of cards. They have also been secretly watching the hand of the unsuspecting. They own the bank and can raise any bet; they bluff and play with unmatched cunning, and they have all bets covered. They have played every side, every ideology, every system of social organization and order, and they know how to bankrupt, attack, and destroy their opposition – especially if any of the opposition get wise to the corruption, exploitation, and unfair advantage the Zionists use.

Yahweh claimed ownership over this world with his legions of darkness, but now the time has come for the final resolution of the problem of evil, and all evil is being destroyed. Yahweh and all his favored sons, elders, and elect will be transmuted by God into primordial nothingness.

Their worldly empire will collapse and disintegrate as will all the evil dimension. And, the True children of Light will be freed, forever, from this spiritual hell. The transmutation process is far more complicated than a simple transformation into nothingness. Those of evil will be trapped in a time warp, experiencing the hell they created for themselves and others for what will appear to them to be an eternity.

In the sections that follow, I intend to explain as I see things, why this world is to be destroyed, why all beings will be judged, and how evil has misled nearly everyone in its false system of order. We will see that a world of order, regulations, laws, and control without God cannot last, and is an abomination to the true God.

Yahweh’s goal was a universe and earth (all the physical structures are involved) totally devoid of God, and as we will see, he uses all of the evil systems he has created to reach that end. But, again, all has been in vain. The true God is a far greater power and has been implementing a Plan to eradicate evil, for good; that Plan is all but complete.

The physical destruction of this world, this dimension and all evil everywhere, will be the final proof of the Power and Love of the true God. The viable, faithful Beings of Light shall continue to a New Dimension where, without evil, there will be no suffering, abuse, exploitation, worry, hate, or fear, disease, degeneration, death.

All will soon be aware of their individual fate, as Good is truly separated from evil, forever – not by arbitrary and unjust laws as exist here, but by True Justice of the Supreme Being of divine Justice.

Democracy or Disproportionate Influence?

In a world with a billion Muslims, a billion Christians, and a billion Taoist/Confucians, how is it possible that Judaism, with about sixteen million adherents, is considered a “major religion”?

Further, how is it possible that a tiny percentage of Jews control all key social institutions in the US, Canada, Germany, Australia, and elsewhere?

They control business, finance, economic policy, education, law, science and medicine, the media, and governmental policy on the highest levels. How does ½ of one percent of the population, whether in the US, in Germany (before World War II) and elsewhere, so completely control a nation?

There are many factors which cause this disproportionate influence. Foremost is the nature of the “chosen people” of Yahweh: the evil demigod has his own favored sons of Darkness, to whom he has given undue power and authority in this world. Further, the Zionists have used the occasion of the diaspora and the holocaust to generate huge sympathy, political support, and financial reparations.

It has been estimated that the Jews (including Israel) have received hundreds of billions of dollars to compensate for their losses in World War II. As we shall see in a later section, the holocaust is the substructure of the Zionist political agenda, though its claims are largely untrue. Finally, by demonizing those who react badly to the immoderate and self-righteous Jewish presence, the evil archons are able to hide behind the cover of “anti-Semitism” and enforce their global agenda without being seen or challenged in any real way.

Hence, the greatest evil in this world remains hidden and protected behind the spurious claims of being chosen by God, of being unjustly persecuted, of being a people of goodwill who by commandment cannot harm or exploit other people in any way, and of being unfairly attacked for being behind a conspiracy of international finance and global control.

Regarding the holocaust (backed by Zionist bankers), the real suffering of the ordinary Jewish person (who had nothing to do with the agenda of the Zionists) has been subverted into a perfect cover and concealment for the Zionists. The Zionists readily sacrificed their common brethren, as they do all of the “sheep”, for the greater cause of world domination.

Hence, when I talk about the undue and evil influence of the archons, the Zionists, I include their terrorization of their (in their words) “lesser” Jewish brothers, as a way of controlling them, as well.

Benjamin Franklin said,

“In whatever country Jews have settled in any great number, they have lowered its moral tone; depreciated its commercial integrity; have segregated themselves and have not been assimilated; … have built up a state within the state; and when opposed have tried to strangle that country to death financially, as in the case of Spain and Portugal”.

We can add many other countries to the list, including Germany, Hungary, Russia, and England.

But, in the present day, the Zionists have such total global control, and the control of the economies of all nations, that they are no longer challenged. They, and their subordinate organizations such as the Bilderberg GroupTrilateral Commission, and Council on Foreign Relations, and the central banks of the US and Europe, and so on, determine the political and economic policies of nations, worldwide.

“Democracy” is just a lie.

To this day, we find that any attempt to identify the evil archons, or their agents, is met with immediate accusations of anti-Semitism.

And, anyone who does not give blind allegiance to Israel (the spiritual homeland of the Zionists) is accused of anti-Semitism. Yet, the fact is that many Jews do not blindly support the Zionist political, financial, or spiritual agenda. As we have noted before, there are many True Beings who are born in Jewish families, who find the single-minded lust for money and obsession for control to be totally foreign to their inner spiritual being, and who refuse to have any part in it.

But the most virulently evil beings find acceptance, protection, and favour in the Zionist family; and they push their agenda of domination and control unrelentingly.

An Israeli newspaper proudly declared the undue Zionist influence over the US government noting:

the US has “an administration in which the Jews are full partners in the decision making at all levels”; a series of changes, begun by Ronald Reagan and concluded by Bill Clinton, “enhance Jewish power”; “warm Jews” (that is, ones totally loyal to Israel),

“We have reached posts that are extremely sensitive for U.S. policy. They are by no means exceptions”

“seven out of eleven top staffers [in the National Security Council] are Jews.”

And, they are senior directors and advisers in charge of the Middle East, South Asia, Western Europe, Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

The Jewish presence extends to,

“a long list of senior Jewish officials in the State Department… followed by many deputy secretaries and even more senior secretarys’ chiefs of staff”.

In the President’s office it identifies: a Jewish White House counsel, schedule and programs manager, deputy chief of staff, economic adviser, media director, staff director, person in charge of volunteers, person in charge of the health program, Labour Secretary, and Commerce Secretary.

The Israeli newspaper article continues,

“The enormous Jewish influence is not limited to the government. In the Washington media a very significant part of the most important personages and of the presenters of the most popular programs on TV are warm Jews. A significant portion of senior media correspondents, newspaper editors and analysts are Jewish… Let us not forget in this context the Jewish predominance in Washington’s academic institutions.

At the National Institutes of Health the percentage of Jewish researchers is very much higher than their relative percentage in the population. In the fields of security and science, in the movie industry, in art and in literature, the Jewish influence can only be described as immense, with a corresponding enhancement of Jewish power”.

Remember, this is written by a Jewish newspaper published in Tel Aviv, Israel. It is not the work of “anti-Semites” or “neo-Nazis”.

I am merely revealing the disproportionate Jewish influence by virtue of the unbridled arrogance of the loyal followers of the Zionist agenda. The real reason Jews are so prominent in the movie industry, art, literature, the media, science, law, medicine, education, economics, finance, labour, political policy, and so on is that they control these fields, and they promote their own.

This is also why Jews are often correspondents, editorialists, commentators, and the chosen authorities interviewed in the media, especially in what is called “public broadcasting”. Money talks.

So that readers do not assume that this power, authority, or control is merited by some sort of religious or spiritual “purity” or “goodness”, I add a further quote of admiration and praise from the same article.

Describing one Jewish synagogue in Washington, it notes,

“Its members belong to the creme de la creme of Washington society; senior administration officials, successful lawyers, rich businessmen. All are wealthy people.

Next week, on the Jewish New Year, the prayers will be joined by many other Jews who usually spend their weekends at the most exclusive clubs, or on the most expensive golf courses, or riding the best horses, or at their expensive hotels near the West Virginia lakes, or sailing in their private yachts.

Next week, as during all Jewish holiday seasons, the most expensive limousines that can be imagined will stop at the entrance to the synagogue, to let out elegant women, the men mummified in their expensive suits at their side, followed by the well-dressed children. The entrance fee to the synagogue is $1000 for a single holiday”.

The elect of Zion truly worship Mammon, not God. And, they are rewarded by their evil demigod.

Do not imagine, as they will proclaim, that their undue power and authority is a result of merit. It has nothing to do with goodness or benevolence. Rather it is entirely a product of their single-minded obsession with money, authority, and control.

As we noted before, the Zionists were made by their false god for this specific purpose, to gather, hold, and keep the resources of this world in trust for Zion. And, we shall see that this is accomplished not by “helping” but entirely by exploiting – the rewards are proportional to the exploitation of the people, the “fleecing of the sheep”.

Social gatherings, including “worship services” are occasions for deal-making among the money changers. Jesus Christ physically threw them out of the temple, long ago, but they quickly came back. He tried to show that the love of money (Mammon) had no place in the eyes of the true God.

But, as we have noted, dispersing the Jews only has the effect of widely scattering the hidden seeds of the evil demigod, Yahweh.

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by J.S Chiappalone
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