Nigerian Army conspiracy in Islamist abductions


Islamist Northern dominance agenda, goaded on by British-American Illuminati cabal governments, have insured the mediocrity that blight human civilisation in Nigeria, “giant” of Africa.

Nigerian Army and the conspiracy of Islamist abductions


by Chin Ce

YOBE State, Nigeria. Last week over a hundred school girls were taken from their schools in broad daylight under the watch of the Nigerian administration. This was a government that used the previous abductions called the Chibok saga in the immediate past Jonathan government as a political gimmick to score cheap points on the 2015 elections.

Mr Buhari had promised more security of life and property and the killing of the monster of corruption before it killed Nigeria. Now, under him, Nigeria is practically dead from corruption in his government, and young and defenceless children are under siege by his distant cousins and nephews of their fundamentalist-Islam heritage.

The taking of Dapchi girls happened in broad daylight while that of Chibok was in the late nights. But what has given away the hidden Buhari political regimen is that his Muslim-led army, under a general Buratai who had property in Dubai, knew the danger they placed that Yobe community when they chose to withdraw their men from the area.

It takes no superior intelligence to see the dark intent behind the withdrawal of troops from Dapchi in the bid to expose the only government girls college in the area to vulnerability of Satanic forces prowling the Nigerian terrain in the name of religion.

Thus there is a script of collusion behind the one week of troop withdrawal and the appearance of men clearly from neighborhood Niger Republic. These were men who had only a faint idea of the locality, men whose mission was not to hold territory or shoot and kill people but to capture innocent schoolgirls to frustrate western education in Northern Nigeria as in Niger, as in Sudan.

The script of collusion stinks again to presidential villa in Buhari’s army’s false flag that they gallantly saved the abducted school girls. This was almost as soon as the news of their abduction hit the media. That deceit was to buy time for the brigands to escape into further reaches of the border with the hapless teenagers.

To repeat similar point, there is collusion in the discovery by Yobe state governor that the recovery of the girls as claimed by the army was disingenuous placebo and that the girls had been taken through Nigeria’s borders into Niger.

Under Buhari there is always collusion in Fulani herders, terrorists, Boko Haram-ists and all manner of people who lay claim to fundamental Islam filtering unimpeded with their weapons in and through Nigeria’s borders manned by Buhari’s trusted Northern Islam-dominant heads of immigration, customs, army, navy, air force, police force, et cetera.

The script of collusion is the Muslim brotherhood that ensures Northerners’ right of passage, even their right of plunder and murder, from a convenient but unpatriotic manipulation that has the heads of intelligence, security, secret service, customs, immigration all belonging to and dominated by tribesmen of their mythical Caliphate in their objective for our return to medieval humanity through Sharia, Boko Haram, Isis, etc.

This is a script which might seem to have no end in Africa as the Christian world watches with pseudo righteous indignation while the Judaist enclave, which sired the divisions with pious fraud and redactions in their ‘we-versus-them’ scripture, sneers in vindication of their own racist speciality. The Illuminati factions at both ends of the hemisphere, in their war mongering, using their military industrial complexes that insure America’s support for Islamic State insurgents around Africa and the Middle East, still purpose to keep a planet of unconscious humans enslaved and perpetually at war.

Yet nothing could be more disheartening than the mendacity of a 21st century African Leadership typified in Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria.

National regression under succeeding Nigerian governments has coalesced in the Buhari conundrum since 2015. This seems the price a nation must pay for acceding to deception by leaders whose veneer of unity and progress is amenable to the dubious image of Africa by world leaders. And which is why British confidence in the Buhari burden of poverty and state nepotism is one of public farce, masking and thereby endorsing the disruption in the political equilibrium of the once-proud giant of Africa.

The agenda of fanatical Islam pampered by Western Illuminati has made men like Buhari and the cabal behind his regime believe they could get away with all the mendacity that cast a blight on our collective humanity.

For the people of Nigeria the end of this script must come not just with terminating the cabal of a miserably lifeless Muhammadu Buhari. After all, such was the scenario under a Christian head of government called Goodluck Jonathan. While the nation seethed under the graft of his ministers, Jonathan was on his way to Jerusalem to observe pilgrimage with the very same corrupt ministers under probe by his national assembly.

In the hey days of another clueless president by name Olusegun Obasanjo, Sharia was used by the northern politicians to undermine the Nigerian nation. The Christian president who tyrannised the young democracy ironically proved himself a castrated bull throughout the process.

Nigeria’s leadership is cursed with imported fanatical religions, a curse that have turned them to Fela Kuti “zombies” against reason, against justice.

The end of hidden scripts played by minions of darkness like Buhari and their hordes who play religious cards among heterogeneous groups will come only when the people take back the power to write the constitution of their own secular nation.

A nation where religion is a private affair as in days before amalgamation. A nation or amalgam of nationalities where leaders and public servants who bring their religion to public spectacle violate the secularity of state and must resign from office.

If the Western nations of Britain and United States, or even Israel, truly can be called friends of Africa they will advise the Nigerian government to heed and allow a peaceful process of restructuring the polity for the emergence of a secular nation not under the thumb of an Islamic army of occupation juxtaposing Arabic scripts with English.

Not under an army where the foot soldiers of a president on a visit to state capitals are clad in dark regalia to assault, molest and intimidate the populace, imitating the very same Al Queda, Isis and Haram terrorists during their barbaric stone age executions. All in the name of professing a religion called Islam.

The Dapchi school tragedy is now asking what’s really the difference between Boko Haram and Nigerian Army? Such is the sham of modern Nigeria under Alhaji Buhari and his company of tribal mediocrities.


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