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Scholarly Books on African Writing

The African Books Network showcases a harvest of literary and cultural expressions in the tradition of world best publishing services.

Global Titles, African Authors!

The titles are wide ranging. From books of poetry, short and long reads to literary criticism and scholarly essays. From historical through cultural epistemology, and with the varieties of ideas, vision and style, coupled with elegant graphic cover finishing we can agree no less with Handelbooks director who acclaimed that African Books titles have become important referrals in contemporary studied approaches to literature and culture.

Below are some of the recent books from the editorial stable of Handelbooks (African Books) Network


The Griot’s Hymns

Author: NN Dzenchuo

FIRST in the collection of NN Dzenchuo’s Gong Trilogy of Poetry from Cameroon, The Griot ‘s Hymns are touching poems which chronicle Africas catastrophic moments and the leadership crises that the continent continues to grapple with. They also celebrate great Africans who have distinguished themselves as heroes and heroines of the continent. Above all these Hymns are a celebration of the African way of life as the griot paints a serene picture of food, women and dance.

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Songs of African Roses

Author: NN Dzenchuo

THE second of the Gong Trilogy, NN Dzenchuos Songs of African Roses is a string of verses composed by a vigilant observer of the intrinsic beauty that Africa still has in contrast with the stigma of tyranny, war, disease and poverty that African people are always associated with. The poet demonstrates in these lucid and tranquil lines that Africa remains the cradle of humanity and, even with its weaknesses, harbours great compassion, love and dignity.

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Creeds of Primeval Griots

Author: NN Dzenchuo

DZENCHUO triad, Creeds of Primeval Griots, might prove a richly treasured collection of recent Cameroonian poetry given that the poets ideological framework finds artistic expression in a number of aesthetic allusive, metaphorical and symbolic features. Themed with concerns ranging from ancestral worship, history, colonialism and globalisation, the origin of civilization, technological advancement, socio-political concerns and gender issues, the poet writes with the consciousness and conviction that a writer should preoccupy himself with everything under the earth: from civilization to gender.

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The Dreamer and The Oracle

Author: Chin Ce

THE Oracle is where Ce explores individual flagellations within a wider interdependent cosmos that involves the whole of humanity. Here the religious and political mindlessness impoverishing the African landscape takes on mythological dimensions. In his uniquely rivetting way, filled with energy and urgency, the anthropomorphic qualities imbued the elemental who manipulates the conditions of human servility are served in elevated prose. Through character struggles between awareness and ignorance, light is made to shine most glaringly and, perhaps, most timely upon our corrupt constructs of existence. Dedicated to the elder Achebe who passed away on the year of its publication, The Oracle honours a shamanistic teacher and story teller who as Onku also embodies as Nagua, our liberator from the belligerent mind control that bestrides our ages of chaos.

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African Short Stories Vol.1

Author: Chin Ce [Ed.]

(For the Literary Society International)

AFRICAN Short Stories Vol.1 comes at an important period in the expansion of literary dimensions in Africa through the international online programmes of the Literary Society International (LSi).

In addition to some experimentations across the genres (poetic and dramatic), and the marriage of traditional with modern narrative techniques which merit praise, stories in this volume have strived to reflect aspects of African life showing credible fictional characterisations (of human and animal prototypes) and visionary perspectives on conflict within the short narrative tradition. This 2013 volume will prod the imaginative effort of writers and encourage many more to place their talents alongside like minds. In the world of cultural exchange, readers will find this a scintillating variance from previous efforts, and a hopeful glimpse toward a future of creative possibilities.

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Beyond Sound and Voice: All about melody and beyond

Author: Christian Otobotekere

BEYOND Sound and Voice is a collection of philosophical poems that express the essence and significance of poetry to humanity in a fascinating world of terrestrial and celestial beauty. Poem No. 62 – ‘Beyond Sound and Voice’, from which this book derives its title, presents poetry as possessing a silent voice that only the thoughtful listening ear of the mind can appreciate beneficially. This is a book for every reader.

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My River: Poems on riverine ecology

Author: Christian Otobotekere

THE creeks and waters of the Niger Delta provide, for Chief Christian Otobotekere, a timeless inspiration for poetry. Dubbed an ode for joy, sweet reminiscence and spacious beauty, this volume of poems constantly invokes the ageless Niger river against a background of ephemeral responses and fleeting occupations that clutter the passages of many lifetimes. Chief Otobotekeres My River serves as a point of reflection on past and present activities around the Delta. The ecological perspective adopted by the poet not only affirms the interconnectedness of nature but focuses on its importance as primordial sustainer of our universe.

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New Black and African Writing. Vol 1

Authors: (Ed) C. Smith and GMT Emezue

IN this volume are evidence of modern critical traditions in which the challenges of globalisation and international cooperation give new meanings and new relations to old concepts in African literature. Questions of realism or fantasy, ethnicity or universalism, terrorism or pacifism, feminism, womanhood and the interrogation of power as they affect the whole planet of Black literary traditions are consequently redefined. All these are corroborated by prevalent historical forces which lie at the heart of the emerging literary dialogues from Africa and the Black world.

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Riddles and Bash: African Performance and Literature Reviews

Author: Chin Ce

RIDDLES and Bash contains ten volumes of essays and book reviews published in journals of African writing in the last decade. The collection reviews African oral traditions using the riddle and bash performance and also takes a hard look at modern Igbo music and culture. Ce argues that the continent is one in spite of different experiences in colonialism, nationalism and post-independent identities. And ‘with the world becoming a global village, writers from Africa will need to preserve the heritage of their people and ensure that their healthy traditions and cultures are not lost in the march of civilisation.’

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Onuora Ossie Enekwe: Critical Approaches vol 2

Author: GMT Emezue [Ed.]

THIS second volume in the Critical Approaches series is an exposition of the craft of the Afrocentric Nigerian writer, theatre director, poet, dramatist and editor, Onuora Ossie Enekwe who passed away on 28th April 2010 at age 68. The late professor of dramatic literature spent thirty years developing and advancing the drama and graduate curriculum of the University Nsukka and had in addition been editor of Okike. An African Journal of New Writing founded by Chinua Achebe.

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