The Falsehood of Religions and Politics – by City Cents 

In his book post (FB 19 08 2017) Christed Light debated the knowledge of human beginnings on planet Earth noting how scientific and religious communities of the east and west conspired to keep humans in permanent ignorance about their...

The Power of Now: Life principles by Eckhart Tolle

From Eckhart Tolle comes select few nuggets of wisdom to help you wherever you are in any land and clime to live life to the fullest

The Truth about Vaccines – from a Matthew Book

Exposing the methodology of the dark forces by Suzanne Ward Vaccines Some vaccines have been developed specifically to cause problems! Their original intent is to preserve life by eradicating disease - now the intent is to eradicate life by causing disease. This...

Silent and Present Africa seen by Sikhe Camara

Silent and Present Africa - Sikhe Camara Because I kept quiet You think I have nothing to say Because I do not look You think that I have nothing more to see Because I do not cry out You think I no longer have anything in...

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Vaccines laden with deadly amounts of pathogens were ready well before the coronavirus was released

President Trump is aware of the truth about this “pandemic.” Knowing that one of its aims is economic ruin...
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German Official Leaks Report Denouncing Corona as ‘A Global False Alarm’

The German Government and Mainstream Media are engaged in damage control after a report that revealed evidence that more people are dying because of...

George Floyd: One Black Killing Too Many

Brutality against people of colour has been the foundation of American civilisation but under Trump the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis is one...

The New Francophone “Eco” is a Fluke

France supposedly performs another "CFA" fluke in Francophone Africa seeking to undermine the region with its neo cabal currency of "Eco" as against the...

West Africa and its Crippled Economy

Food crisis may be spiralling across West Africa where curfews, border closures and inhumane regimes exploit the latest pandemic and security challenges to impose...