Mar 4, 2018

Handelbooks African network

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The Handel African Books Network

‘Publishing and Connecting Africa!’ is the punch line of Handel Books publishing, also known as the African Books Network

Located in three cities of South East Nigeria, yet, for an online network, location is almost become a trifle, says publishing chief, Christian Mazes. 

Our Mission at African Books Network is publishing and connecting African writers to the world wide web; it doesn’t matter from which part of the African region a writer or the publishers may come, explains the CEO. 

Although their single author clientele have mainly been from the Nigerian writing group, the Handel network logo can yet be seen gracing the cover and publication credits of such academic journals and research text books as the Library of African Writing series edited by the duo of Smith and Ce and marketing currently with African Books Collective. 

Our select projects have given boost to a renaissance of dynamic literature for whole generations, the chief boasts. Over the years, and with several works that have earned their stay on our tabloid, we have demonstrated our commitment to the vision of a continent which must needs align with a world heritage of knowledge and information exchange. Our wake has seen a harvest of expressions evident from titles that have become important referrals in contemporary literary and cultural studies, he boasts again. This distinctive position is further strengthened by our affiliation with Africa Research projects on world-wide web.

With what seems to be the editorial emphasis on ‘world wide web’  it is no surprise the marketing and distribution concentration on ebooks and a program of digitalising books for easy transmission at Handelbooks. They call it the e-revolution!

Handel eBooks publishing program 

Since the year 2000 when they first launched the electronic program Handelbooks have converted their important  publications to eBooks for those wishing to make the writing business a more reachable venture in today’s dynamic internet age. It means that now you can explore the opportunity of increased commercial traffic for your books through e-solutions aimed at aligning even the remotest regions of Africa to the global network

Our e-program is easy and cost-effective whereby you quickly reach readers through downloads from online bookstores, says Titi Brenda, head of Handelbooks graphic media. And when you join the information highway of online solutions, you will discover our alliance to global publishing and research development exceeds even your scholarly expectations. It’s also mitigating the challenge of economic underdevelopment in our region.

Note well this does not come in the rough-ready pattern of direct book printing or self publishing the popular way. As the chief, Mazes, explains: firstly we will assist to proof, edit, and refine your work with the services of professional readers and copy editors until the quality of your manuscript meets peer refereed standards. Secondly, except where not necessary, we will assist with graphics. Our Randall graphics hosts one of the best color concepts in the arts, he addd. Finally, you may then proceed elsewhere or choose to publish with us on very convenient terms. Convenient because, even on a modest budget, our global connections can link you with the latest printing technology available. Local presses are also on hand to afford you cheaper printing services you can expect anywhere in the region. 

Otherwise Publishing at Handel is that simple!

Hereto in three simple steps shall publishing you entail to

1. Have your manuscript reviewed

2. Consider our optional proposals

3. Get published and obtain copies!

Those are the few easy steps to make your work come alive in print or digits, the chief says.

We get you connected for the right price

The competitive book venture has ensured that publishing adopts the most resilient methods of pricing and service charges. African Books Network connects you to worldwide distribution schemes by which you track sales in real time. With online retainer outlets round the world, the ABN venture now offers writers a solid distribution platform where erstwhile traditional methodology had virtually ground to a halt.

For every one on deck this hands-on interactive, according to Ms Brenda, is the deal which translates to resilience in line with trending directions in the book industry, ensuring that African writers are part of the information revolution of our technological future.

With the Handel stamp of quality

And so by our stamp of quality and integrity of mission purpose, African writers can always look forward to continued privileged assistance regarding international proofing and distribution for their valued creations at Africa’s prime book network.


An African global publishing network

South East Area Office: 6 Handelstreet, Waterville Crescent, Hilltop Layout, 4800003, AI, EBS, NG, WA. Email: [email protected]

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