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What’s Behind Your Illusion of Realism?

Anything is possible right now. And so when you affirm difficulties as realistic, you are really kidding yourself. What you call realistic is not realistic. It is pessimistic.

What is Putin up to? – a reader has asked Matthew

Putin is one of the principals cooperating behind closed doors to end their international web of heinous activities, hold them legally accountable, and achieve a world at peace.

Steve Beckow: A Life of Active Service

A Life of Active Service: Watch Work Transform by Steve Beckow April 15, 2018 I remember listening to Ashira recently trying to explain an inner, formless state to us who are used to thinking in terms of solid objects. And I remembered...

We are with you, say the Angels

Now as the planets align with great power, you must acknowledge again, “I cannot do this alone. I am here present with my Angels. We have made every move thus far together. And so we will continue.”

Be in the Eye of the Storm, as One Who Serves

So while the storm is beginning to rage around you more and more now, find that calm, that peace within you. Find that, be in that eye of the storm. One Who Serves says Be in the Eye of the...

Conversation with the Arcturians

by Suzanne Lie, PhD  Align to the Reality of Power Within PART II: What Are You ‘Tied Into’? This is a continuation of our conversation with the Arcturians. See Part I. Shawnna: Well, it is interesting how all of the information that you’ve shared follows...
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So it was United States and Ukraine globalist regimes who created Covid 19

This virus was not only man-made, but being constantly worked on and “artificially fueled” via the...
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Provoking the Chinese Dragon 

In an act of sheer lunacy as the Russian military mauls Ukraine into oblivion, US Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden is now provoking China

Barbarian History in the Ukraine operation

To Hell or Not to Hell? Western Europe have remained barbarians, supporting the ‘Frankish’ warlord oligarchy which...

Let’s make a HIGHER reality HAPPEN

Oops I Did It Again! Because you see, so very powerful are you as Creator Gods that...

“How come your life is so great?”

You are not here to prove yourself to others or to God. Embrace who you really are and let your deeds...