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The Bandit Clan – by Teetea

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 The Bandit Clan


Hell should have known they were

just a bandit clan!

Clambering on board Another

Presidential Change’

All their weapons of mass diminution

-to the last of the golden goose-

Have ravaged our very common


Upon their vain ambition’s vault


Why must we then, so commending

them, even in our frenzied loathe

Throw supplications unto their feet?


While they tell us in many words

and wrongful deeds

How we are one step yet to –

Feeding from the bin!

And how we are further ahead to –

Begging by the streets!


I recall the raging bellows of yesterdays

All for ‘A Presidential Change!’

And wonder how they won even

the  least of hearts

To this pale light of Demon-cratic



Hear APC in their Corruption Royale 

A cheery crowd no more is seen again

The conned and bewildered are laid

in tattered ruins

Like refuse bins cast on streets of



Now their promises sweep down

our creeks

And their Crocodile smiles litter

our shores

Even the children have joined in

silent wondering:


How can we wave again to a killing


Wobbling and rambling a foul breath?

As million destitutes count the hour

To every hundredth day of

‘A Presidential Change!’


But let our curses rain upon their


And every trumpeter sound the


In the looming mist of tomorrow’s


A-P-C is just another bandit clan

From the other side of the

midnight band.



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