When your president is a clone


Since the year recent Nigeria may have become the first of African countries to avail itself of the West’s above-top-secret scientific service in human cloning*

The changing reality of human cloning

by Chin Ce

Deep behind its recent political developments since 2015 and hidden within the accusations that trail its national front page events(1) Nigeria may have become the first of African countries to avail itself of Western ultra secret scientific service in human cloning.

Within Europe, the United States and Canada, cloning political leaders has since been the underhand trend for the purpose of sustaining the organic presence of favored satanic leaders who otherwise had no more life sustaining energy to continue to function in human forms.

Although Africa is light years behind such scientific feats as bio cellular engineering, which will remain the preserve of western nations for times to come, it is not unlikely that the service of cloning technology will be extended to faceless actors behind desperate leadership tussles who can muster the massive funding from state coffers to buy and maintain cloning service.

For present Nigeria, this new reality mainly serves the political expediency that a weak and malleable northern irredentist remains in office for eight years, as of cabal right. Like Europe and America, Africa is replete with its bands of desperate minions of the dark force who would stop at nothing to impose the designs of a minority over the larger progressive well being of the people.(2)

Twenty two years ago when the British American public woke up to the reality of cloning a mammal with the success of Dolly the sheep(3), it is almost sardonic how the public had been regularly deceived with the puritanical dissociation of government from human cloning.

  • Dolly the first cloned mammal

The then United States president, Bill Clinton, arguably the cabal puppet whose behaviors while in and out of office had suggested clone marks in every ramification of this discourse, had drawn the moral angle against human cloning citing ‘the sacred family bonds at the very core of our ideals and our society.’

Such were the massive deceptions that still go on today within governments, churches, universities and the scientific communities. An aside is here noted that most of United States presidents coming after the world war years, including known Hollywood and star personages, may well have benefitted from secret cloning of their bodies. But mainstream disinformation media, chief agents for mass hypnosis, would still sneer, till date, at the veracity of human cloning.

We know that human cloning by the western powers had long been employed as an instrument to coerce leaders who might not do the bidding of deep state psychopaths who govern from behind, with their unmitigated diabolism, which include war mongering, population reduction, weather manipulation, pedophilia, slave trade and sex rings to mention but few of their legion.

After their cloning operations, in most cases, the original body is killed or quarantined, while the clone who looks and acts exactly as the parent human is allowed to execute the usually outrageous public policies of their dark masters. America’s 9/11 points to the darkest reality of the collusion of cloned leaders on a design to erode the fundamental rights of a people in order to fully activate tyranny, impunity and terrorism at all levels national and worldwide.

Understanding the covert human cloning process

To clone a human whether forcibly or willingly is by European and American deep state tech acquired from their negatively polarised extraterrestrial (ET) alliances precipitated from the world wars of 1914 and 1939. Its potential covert use on the planet is borne from the insatiable appetite of dark energy mongers for domination of the planet. It is not therefore surprising that social and religious cultures that uphold slavery and conquest in Africa will adopt cloning to further their born-to-rule dementia in a conducive conclave of their choosing.

The procedure of cloning a human being is nearly the same with that of cattle or sheep. Since the cell of the clone is taken from the originating human, the likelihood of detecting structural and psychological difference is scarcely available to public scrutiny, or even to close family members of the cloned head who may not be told what is going on.

For a human personage, however, the added factor of memory comes into play, as the download from the original parent to the clone will often not include to mention that he /she is being cloned. Rather than cloning, terms such as ‘blood transfusion’ as in the Nigerian scenario, might be explained for medical procedure. No wonder then the clone will vehemently reject any observation or suggestion linking him /her to having been cloned.

Acceleration of the aging properties of the cell DNA will ensure that the adult replica can be realized in 120 days rather than the usual nine months for normal human fetal gestational processes(4). In detecting the clone, exo biological researchers rely upon their observations of a psychological pattern of behaviors of the subject before and after the event.

Usually the political leader, or political aspirant, if he or she is an eager pawn of a power cabal, might not be in the best of health, thus necessitating the need to clone the body anew. If in such bad health and thus unfit for public service, observers might notice how he /she is unable to walk, climb the stairs of the aircraft or complete state function without the help or human support of an aide.

Then follows the disappearance or absence from public function. The coterie of spin doctors tagged media aides are in overdrive to explain the absence. But any discerning public is not convinced.

However, the diseased condition of the parental body is not totally eliminated in the cloned double if the ailment is of a cellular make up, which is usually the case as diseases are imprinted in cells. The clone advantage lies in the prime health of a new born it enjoys soon and months after being cloned. Prominent American politicians have often enjoyed an unusual holiday absence only to reappear weeks later looking younger, refreshed and vibrant. Such might often prove the first indicator that a cloned double has replaced the former body. Considering Hillary and Bill Clinton, George Bush snr, jnr, and the whole bunch, these world leaders have times reflected visuals of vibrant youthful health months after some haggardly, undisclosed near death conditions.

In seasoned cases embryos are lined up in secret laboratory waiting to be revived, activated and replaced with a new cloned personage in an event of emergency such as assassination, accident or unexplained sudden death.

  • stock photo of human cloning from Shutterstock

It should be expected that after the initial passage of seeming good health, the cloned substitute will begin to deteriorate. The accelerated cellular aging properties, necessary in the beginning to get a clone foetus to mature in a rapid space of months, is, sadly for the clone, non reversible as of yet. Secret advances made on age reversal genetic engineering have not, and cannot be, applied successfully to a cloned human, thankfully!

As a further up, the clone will be making regular visits to hospital to ensure adequate attention to cellular degeneration. The surprising, non routine secrecy of these visits will be additional indicator of the status of this personage although it will be made to seem like some other emergency or technical stopovers as the Nigerian case has frequently shown. But clone watchers are only bemused.

Watch the clone: Implications of a cloned public figure

Whistleblower information reveal how Western advances in human cloning for high profile public figures have worked with their secret national intelligence organisations to perfect these covert projects.(5) Wiping, downloading, and transferring the memories of targetted humans from one personage to another have remained the black ops secret projects of European and American governments for several decades. From the cloned human, therefore, expect no outwardly or inwardly deeper emotions of passion, conscience or empathy. He /She is just a mechanical body functioning biologically, or much better, like a programmed artificial intelligence.

Also expect embarrassing cases of memory fuzz, muddling with dates of past events, or muddled thinking because the downloaded memory often takes more than the usual seconds of natural remembrance to kick in. But understand that these conspiring world leaders would protect the secret of their fellow clones in their mainstream media.

And likely not having a soul, because the original ensouled persona is out of the picture, the tendency of cloned leaders is the mechanical dramatisation of their failings, acting out their normal, programmed habits and rehashing much of their downloaded memory. Your cloned president is incapable of sustainable self and creative improvement which dwells in the domain of soul evolution.

The point is that where your president is a bad robot, repetitive of old habits and redundant within his mind rut, he is a just lethal trigger for his dark handlers and everything outrageous is possible.

As stated, the human faculty, actually a soul faculty, of conscience and introspection is missing. Thus your cloned politician lacks intuition, spontaneity or growth in consciousness.

He will lack genuine sympathy and intuitive wisdom to go against the grain of his programmed psychological reflexes and his aged routine mentality.

Parroting his favourite platitudes, his reactions to national developments will remain the same pattern as programmed even in the event of any momentous sectarian religious and cultural persecutions, mass murders, terrorism or outright war.


*More alternative, above-top secret, reports on human cloning among the cabal of ‘royals’ and political leaders abound here


(1) Seun Opejobi, Buhari was cloned in London, current Nigerian president is fake – Asari Dokubo [VIDEO] http://dailypost.ng/2017/10/03/buhari-cloned-london-current-nigerian-president-fake-asari-dokubo-video/

(2) Chin Ce, ‘Clone or no, evidence abounds from his antecedents in office of a quietly vicious and unrepentant jingoist using so called non-negotiable Nigerian unitary constitution to foist parochial interests upon a bulbous nation’, https://africaresearch.org/hatred_by_another_name_by_chin_ce/

(3) In 1996, Dolly the sheep–the first mammal to have been successfully cloned from an adult cell- was born at the Roslin Institute in Scotland. https://www.sciencedaily.com/terms/dolly_the_sheep.htm

(4) ‘Since non of these is by natural birth processes, regular gestational time has no meaning,’ says Hugo in a Matthew book with Suzanne Ward, Revelations for a New Era, p. 150

(5) Other more recent whistleblowers who have come forward to claim that human cloning has been around for decades in classified projects include William Tompkins, Corey Goode and Emery Smith, as documented by Dr. Michael Salla in the Exopolitics website https://www.exopolitics.org/human-cloning-about-to-be-unleashed-upon-the-world/


  1. […] The second coming of the ex general was initially greeted with rejoicing which, sooner than it began, turned into wailing in the mouths of citizens. Mr Buhari, like Mr Obasanjo, proved a fiasco. Weak, inept and deeply afraid of self improvement and learning, Buhari as civilian president failed to provide security and unite the country under justice and rule of law. Unknown to the Nigerian people, the cattle rearer was in a pact to protect his Muslim kinsmen and their murderous herder squads at the expense of the rest of the country, leaving anarchy to loom on the nation’s horizon – without a pluck of conscience. Corruption, impunity and flagrant disregard for court rulings proved worse under his party government. Like Gowon, public posturing on national issue became his gambit. The persecution of perceived political opponents and the protection of his corrupt minions, which had always been his stock in trade from military years, summarized his second attempt at leadership. Added to rising corruption by the cabal behind his watch, his ailing health and secrecy of humongous funding expended on his perennial oversea medical tours lent credence to suspicions about the true nature of his ailment, putting his behavioural tendencies firmly under the speculative purview of CLONED SATANIC LEADERS. […]


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