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Children of Koloko adventure stories

Chin Ce’s Children of Koloko ranks in the first class of satirical tales

Children of Koloko – Adventure stories

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THE first of Chin Ce’s trilogic fictional adventure stories, Children of Koloko, is a humourous narrative on the follies and foibles of African life observed through the eyes of a young hero, Yoyo, and his friends, Dickie and Buff.

Chin Ce Triadic novels

Children of Koloko first of a trilogic series

Yoyo returns with his parents from the city to his native land to meet his extended relatives and adjust to rural life. His new place of sojourn heralds initiations to adulthood, which bring awareness of the acute drift, poverty and squalor of his environment engrained mainly by adult delinquency and irresponsibility of political governance.

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Children of Koloko ranks in the first class of modern satirical tales from Africa. Several flashback and dramatic performance scenes, with attention to detailed narrated experience, make for a truly unique and intellectually stimulating reading – as with the narrative art of Chin Ce fictions, poetry and non- fictions.

creativity and individual experience
dialogic narrative dramatic sequences
home coming and departure tale cycles
youth adult delinquency syndrome
sociopaths and political charlatans
death ritual transition and modernity

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